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  • valuesurfer467 valuesurfer467 Nov 13, 2012 6:53 AM Flag

    A take over is likely

    Sometimes, rumours about a take over tend to be wishful thinking and not every company that puts itself for sale will find a buyer. In the case of TRLG chances of a going private appear to be very high, though. Besides its slowing growth, it is still a strong brand, well known not only in the U.S. but in many international markets, as well. The balance sheet is nice, too. The potential for further international growth is still there and True Religion might be a very interesting fit for a couple of fashion conglomerates out there. It is not that often, that you can buy a brand like True Religion. Given the fact how difficult and costly it is to create a brand like True Religion from scratch, it is my guess, that there might be a couple of potential buyers out there, mainly with a fashion or lifestyle background. Hence, it is not only likely that TRLG will be bought but we should expect a nice take over price, as well. Increased competition between those buyers should be the driver...

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    • I would like to add: PPR, the french luxury holding, might be a potential buyer. Let's wait and see...

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      • I was right and wrong in December 2012 at the same time:
        First, I was right. A True Religion takeover was likely to happen and now we have got it.
        Second, I was wrong, because the buyer of TRLG is not PPR. But I can live with that...
        Now what? Should you move on and find another investment? I would say no, simply because chances are remarkable there might be a higher offer in the next couple of days or weeks. $ 32,00 is not that high an offer. To hold on and wait a little bit does not harm you but might help you to receive a higher price for your shares. Let's wait and see...

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