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  • mgm2020 mgm2020 May 15, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    You miss the point...

    At one time I had accumulated over 15000 shares of VDSI. That's quite a lot of stock and a large portion of my portfolio. I consider myself to be the "manager" of my holdings and only invest in individual companies--NO mutual funds. You have to be realistic and protective with your investments, and VDSI calls for a lot of both due to it's radical swings. Anyone who HASN'T sold any of their shares in this stock at one time or another to lock in some profits---IS AN IDIOT! I held it when it went all the way down to 5 and bought on the way up--and I was saying the same thing then---I'm not worried, this stock will trade higher. And it traded all the way back up to almost $11. While I did take some profits and some of my stock off the table--you have to admit that the stock was becoming exhausted, I never expected it to sell off this much after a single slow quarter. Now I have reacquired ALL of my previous position AND MORE--and am still actively buying. I don't just talk--I do put my money where my mouth is. And I'm placing a BIG BET that Vasco will meet it's goals for the year and beyond, and the stock price will rebound. When I stated on 4/26 that I wasn't worried, that was the truth. And I've bought over 12000 shares since then, And I have buy triggers in place for more when the stock rises. If you don't think that the stock will rise from here or you haven't taken advantage of this undeserved low price---you shouldn't be in this stock! I welcome any rebuttal and still rate this stock as a "STRONG BUY".

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