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  • wedgecake wedgecake Feb 14, 2013 12:55 AM Flag

    Barry Pumps Vasco Jumps from State of the Union

    Barry rocked last nite on SOTU..pumped SMB Security vendors for "strengthening nation's public cyberkey security token infrastructure for electronic grid and financial banking system"..will open up Goverment security MIB for use by all..explains wed volume jack/ price jump above 7.81 pivot point...2 of the largest green bocks in 2 months hit the tape today.

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    • “I signed a new executive order that will strengthen our cyberdefenses
      by increasing information sharing and developing standards
      to protect our national security,our jobs and our privacy,” Obama
      said in his televised and social media-ampedaddress.
      The long-awaited order could ultimately benefit business for smaller
      government contractors and certain security vendors, beyond just
      big contractors such as Lockheed MartinLMT, Raytheon Co.RTN and
      Northrop GrummanNOC, says Internet Security Alliance President
      Larry Clinton.The edict aims at protecting the nation’s key infrastructure, from
      the electric grid to financial systems. Congress is expected to flesh
      out details, after failing to pass a cybersecurity plan last session.
      After many past federal cybersecurity efforts, one real element of
      change is “an expansion of the socalled DIB (Defense Industry Database)..tbc

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      • Through it, over the past year or so highly vetted big government
        contractors have had more access to cyberattack data from government
        to help shore up security. Clinton says more attack data
        could be shared by government with highly vetted companies, to
        work confidentially on protections. “Say China’s doing A-B-C — I
        can’t tell my partner but if I develop a widget that fixes A-B-C I can
        sell my widget,” Clinton said. “So this adds an economicincentive.”
        Clinton calls the significance of the government data sharing about
        nation-state attacks, for example, “very high level stuff” beyondwhat
        commercial security firms such as Symantec or Intel’s McAfee
        unit might be told about.“Before, you had to be part of this
        defense industrial base,” he said.“Now it’s opening so a VerizonVZ, a
        DellSecureWorks or small companies in the defense area” could
        potentially participate. Clinton says the order includes a
        pathtoimposingcybersecurity regulations on already-regulated industries,
        and a provision to consider incentives short of that. Obama’s order “moves
        the ball forward” in security.

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