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  • johnmajor44 johnmajor44 Aug 28, 2009 3:49 PM Flag

    Sept call options worthless

    In my opinion they will let the option expire worthless and release the data after Sep Options expire. Any other thoughts ?

    Sep options 7.5 and 10 call options will fall in next two weeks......

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    • or how to turn 1,500 USD in to 450,000 USD in 3 days. I will teach you.

    • I bought the August 19 calls for $5.10 and 5.20 and sold half the next day at 9.50 and sold some for $14.50. Now the stock AIG had dropped to support of 45 today and hit a high 55 and change today. If you bio folks are not trading the AIG's...C, FNM....FRE.....ABK....CIT.....ABK for starters..the stock and the may have missed one of the best weeks in History for option trading.....there are some strikes that trade 200,000 contracts or more per day. I know how the SPY has alot od action ...BUT this is what and where the pro's are the past 2-3 weeks. Citi is doing over one BILLION shares per day. IF Fannie and Freddie do a 1-20 reverse split......the roof will go off these stocks....even Citi may do a 1 for 10 RS. Check it out.

    • DID you hear the FACTS about AIG 3 weeks ago. The stock was very very low....but it had a very good week 3 huge up days. Well those AUGUST way out of the money calls on Tuesday close at 3..three a standard contract = 100 shares...or $3 per contract....well on WED the stock soared adn the way out of the money strike $25 went over $3.00...0r $300 per contract....and the next day the roaring AIG(rs1-20) well those $25 in AUGUST were in the darn money and we still had some time to go.....those AUGUST 25 calls went over $9 bucks....OR $900 per contract.... So let me put that in dollar terms. IF you had bought 500 contracts at $3 each = $1,500 + comish.....and 72 hours later folks sold those for 500 contracts at $900 per = $450,000.00 minus commish...almost a half million dollars. Now AIG has made alot of folks very rich and this current cycle...SEPT options WE have had 3 plus today or 4 times to make a killing in the option market. IT IS SO FUN. It is like the best high out there. It's as if you are trading the stock ...not the think of options as being dull and cheap...well they were cheap....but still there have been 4 days when folks made over 12-15 thousand % GAINS. It does happen boys and girls...a good retirn is 1000-2000%.....but the $3 AUGUST 25 AIG call that sold for $900 is very nice. A 30,000 percent more in 3 days. I let you folks ponder on that.

    • Let me get this correct......the Sept calls and puts expire in ONLY 3 weeks......the stock is about $6 bucks and you think the out of the money 7.50....are going to may be correct ....cause the stock has to go up 25% just to be at 7.50....and the strike of $10...the common needs to go up 67% in 3 you may bet the NOBEL AWARD. so as time goes on you lose the time premium.

    • Hillarious!! Whoever bought that huge block of September options is alot more skilled at moving the price of this stock than you are at reading the future. The buyer of those options has already moved the price $4 and you sit here and doubt whether he will make money off the options he bought. News or not this stock is going past $10 by September options. The volume and skill of the buying says to me a group of well organized MM's. There's no doubt in my mind that they will hit on their September options and it won't even be a challenge for them. People will start the runnup to news next week and all they really need to do is put in some large buys making people think news is imminent and spiking the price. I think they have the price and volume exactly where they want it going into September and this stock is a lock to get past $10 barring any unexpected bad news. Just enjoy the ride and be happy that for once in your life your on the same side as the Market Makers.

    • I think the news is right around the to be real close based on the last earnings cc.

    • I sold the sep 7.50's hoping the news will be after. Got 1.00 for them. Bought more AGEN with the proceeds.

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