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  • bknoj bknoj Apr 3, 2013 1:31 AM Flag

    Charter For Negative Writers

    Got this from another board
    The "negative writers" (NWs) are hired by the shorts, hedge funds or stock manipulators to scare investors to sell Gale shares and push its price down. These negative writers are paid a basic wage and a small bonus if we "Reply" to their messages or use the word "Baxhxr" or if we engage them in discussions. They attack warious features of Gale by using mis-information and subtle yet non-verifiable statements. They operate in teams.

    On the other hand, although most us "longs" have conducted good DD and have confidence on Gale, NeuVax and Abstral, are just not as well organised as the negative writers. According to some experts, the NWs do not inflict much harm on the long run (2 to 3 years) if a stock has what it takes to move up. However, in the short and medium term, they can sometimes do some real damages.

    There are some actions which we can take as individual investors to mitigate the harm:

    (1) Do not engage in a discussion with any NWs. Avoid using the "Baxhxer" word because their bonus are paid based on the number of times we use this word.

    (2) Part of their lies is to get us angry at them and respond to their messages. If we do not respond, they get no bonus pay.

    (3) Give the a "Thumbs" down and put them on "Ignore". This will narrow the forum for them to expose their toxic messages. I have noticed that many positive and informative messages got "Thumbs" down. This is the work of the NWs. When we see positive messages, we may want to give it a "Thumbs" up just to counter-balance the situation.

    (4) If we want to respond, create a "New Topic" and get facts to show that they are wrong.

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