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  • mofisher22 mofisher22 Apr 22, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Did they announce European partner?

    or plans to file there? Bes Ican find in myDD, those have not een announced yet, bt you can bet it not if but when. onsidering that 1 milion people in US sffer from this dreadful condition, and about 5 million worldwide, you can see that the current valuation is far toolow. Hold long and strong, do your own DD. When I did intene dd on what exactly Parkinsons Pshchosis is and how it effects people, and the lack of help that is avaiable usingcurrent meds, I kne for sure this is a maga blockbuster, which will be bought by a big pharm at a huge price. glta

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    • In the last CC they were asked about Europe ,The reply was that the EU has a similar fast track drug approval plan as the U S. I assume we are applying for a fast track in the E U as well as the U S. and also I assume we are exploring for a E U partner for marketing. The CC was supposed to remain up until the 25th but has been taken down ? I always like to review the C C's 3 or 4 times but when I tried yesterday the C C had been taken down

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    • Can anyone shed any light on over seas status of the drug? My thinking is that a comfirmation of something happening in that regards, or a possible buyout, will move this into the $15 to $18 dollar range soon. Anyone withinfo on overseas status, imput is appreciated.

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      • Ihave inquired to investor relations re. world wide plans, not yet heard back. Asking only knowlegible folks, do you think it more lkely they partnr with say Glaxo, etc. in overseas markets, or do they sell the rights completly? Could they say keep North American rights and sell only overseas? Any one know of any history of small bio developing blockbuster for avery tough disease and how they followed thru on it. The one that comes to mind for me is HGSI, and the lupus drug. In their case, they were bought out completely by Glaxo. Anyone with thoughful input?

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