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  • tpmavrakos tpmavrakos May 3, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

    arna was so hot just like acad. acad will also sell off

    Take your profits while you can. Look at Affy,apple,Thqi,fb, Znga.

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    • hey TPbla bla bla
      I heard the same thing all the way up and while i did trim at 13.54 i will glad to buy it back when the time is right. I was in ARNA all the way up till approval then i sold out in two trades 2/3rd and when it broke down the rest. Bio's are great plays but you can have weak feet and you have to know what to look for and a lot of people like you left a lot of money on the table on the jump to 8 Now they are all screaming it's gone up to much so sell or worst Short. This is the kind of stock that will jump up and bite you in the a-as if your short and not carefull . I have owned this since just under two and i have sold puts against my position since in the 6'sand not once have they not expired worthless. I sold 10! 12 Put contracts two weeks ago for $1.20 each netting me another $1200.00 everything above 10.80 the third friday of this monthis more profit. Just wait for a pullback and buy some and quit nickel diming urself. nik

    • you know nothing about investing in the market I bet you just paper trade. this will not have a sell off the only firm that distributed shares last week was Barclays do some research kid then talk

    • ACAD and ARNA have nothing in common, ARNA has one drug, not three and diet drugs have had so many problems in the past that investors are wary. If you were still in ARNA then you have not done your homework cause it broke a few months ago and has been sold off on any strenth. ACAD has been getting bought on weakness if you could call it weak? Since it doubled last month but the key here is watch the vol. Don't pay any attention to days when the whole market sells off but on any flat to up days if you see atleast 2x avg Vol and ACAD down than it's time to get out. Until then it's a buy and hold trade

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