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  • prs_hope prs_hope Jun 26, 2013 11:33 PM Flag

    $2 million money flow into ACAD today

    Dumb retail selling into smart institutions. No wonder institutional investment in Acadia is close to a 100%. Retail 'investors' don't learn. The last analyst projection is almost 40% from here yet people keep selling. I think investors like the Baker Brothers are brilliant in their finding a great opportunity and just keep adding with every company benchmark reached. When we get to the next projected level many of you will be wondering what made you sell way too early instead of holding or adding like the smart ones do. ACAD is going to be another PCYC for the BB and the meager percentage of retail investors that understand that will participate in that immense run that is still in its early stages. Unless the science fails (it doesn't seem to the case whatsoever here!!!), we are going UP big time. It is a triple from here in less than 2 years, IMO.

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    • Close of 2nd qtr on 6/28/13, ACAD, CYTK will be added to Russell Global index. Mutual funds
      will be loading up on this stocks tomorrow to show that they have winning stocks in their
      portfolio. Book it in your portfolio these stocks will be flying.

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      • Today, ACAD had a $2.86 million positive flow according to the WSJ. It's not going to be overnight but this will work out better for the BB than PCYC.


        Regarding CYTK, I think it is fantastically promising and very solid (with Amgen investing in it, the new partnership and a good amount of cash). It looks very attractive up until the 400-500 million market cap. I will add if they decide to do some financing before Sept. as well; as long as it is a at least a decent one. I have a pretty large position there but I did get in 'later' than most (at 1.79, 1.73 and yesterday at 10.97). When my 1st trade took place at 1.79 it reminded me of my first ACAD buy which was also at 1.79.

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    • 2 years-$150

    • brettgravatt Jun 27, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

      Great comment !!! I'm heavy and long on this one !!

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