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  • doc_3377 doc_3377 Oct 11, 2013 3:55 PM Flag

    FDA has already said ACAD does not need additional Phase III study

    Some investors seem to have forgotten this important point.

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    • We don't need to tell those suckers all this. Let them sell.

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    • The FDA, who are they? The great and powerful James Cramer said to sell and sell they did! when acad is bought out or makes a run to whatever heights it eventually will, they will look in the mirror and ask......"why did i listen to that IDIOT"!!!!!!! The FDA is NOBODY when compared to Cramer! don't forget that!

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    • rosettawest Oct 11, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

      That's the reason I got into this stock in the first place. Biotechs live or die by decisions of the FDA, and essentially, ACAD has already been told by the FDA that everything is good to go. And the market is huge.
      What else do people want? That's why this sell-off is so exasperating. Hopefully EZ is right and we get some good surprises in the coming days.

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      • BTW, Acadia has confirmed once again that they intend to release details of the ADP Phase II trial design before year end. I was not aware until Wed. that they normally give this type of detail when then announce the commencement of enrollment, so now I expect both items to be announced before year.

        Considering that not a lot happens between Tksgiv and Xmas, and not being aware of any other major presentations coming up, I would speculate that this info may be included in the Q3 earnings release. For Q1 and Q2 2013 these Q ERs were released on the first Tuesday of the second month following the Q. If this timing is replicated for Q3, then the ER date would be Nov 5th - 25 days from now. (This timing is purely my speculation and I have no non public info)

        So, in a mere 25 calendar days the focus on Pima may shift from PDP (1 MM pop. in US and static) to Alzheimer's Psychosis (5.2 MM pop. in US and growing). This market has yet to really be quantified by the analysts in terms of revenue potential. Instead we have had silly numbers for PDP which have morphed from $300 MM to now $1.5 to $2.0 BN.

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      • why don't you post this article from the FDA so we can shut those IDIOTS once for all.
        If you can

        Thank you

      • rosettawest Oct 11, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

        And there's no immediate competition! That needs to be added, because I find that's the one thing that is frequently left out in otherwise informative positive articles about companies - the competition.
        When I started investing, I bought into stocks based on things I read that were both positive and true...only to be (stupidly) shocked to realize that 5 other companies were in a race with the one I bought. But with ACAD, there's no real competition. So I say again - what else do people want?

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