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  • lairot2k12 lairot2k12 Oct 24, 2013 2:57 PM Flag

    Regret selling - will know better next time

    I'll admit that I panicked yesterday upon reading on this forum from respectable posters that the stock was "breaking down" technically and would likely go below $20. Sold half my position. Of course I should have realized that it's a universal law of nature that the market does the direct opposite of what I do. I should have trusted my long-term belief in the company.

    That being said, I do hope it dips a bit before the end of the week to have an attractive re-entry point to buy more. After that, long and strong!

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    • rosettawest Oct 24, 2013 3:14 PM Flag

      Don't kick yourself - you kept half, which is good. Get back in when you feel comfortable, but I wouldn't wait too long for a dip. There will almost certainly be a run-up to the ER conference call in November, because people don't want to miss out on any news.

    • If you are truly long on the stock (question you have to ask yourself) then I would not worry about a dip. Most longs here understand the potential and to hope for a $2-$4 dip is a shrug to me. I am focused on a much higher stock price so to hope for a small pullback is not worth it unless you are willing to jump back in as it goes up. So what happens if it goes up tomorrow and your internal projections have it pegged for $60 in a just missed a big run hoping to save a few bucks. That is just the way I view it. No college degree (bairly highschool) so no training in stock investing.

    • the stock been churning in $20-$21 range for several months, you know that base is very strong and there is no way that support breaks down without any bad news from the company, thus selling at $22 yesterday wasn't a bright move, I understand selling at $25, but $21-$23 range is when you buy this stock, not sell

    • No one that I respect had any such sentiments. The knowledgeable posters (not the bozos that try to impress with technical calls they buy from services) all said to hold and not sell.
      You are listening to the wrong people.

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