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  • crecy_war_knight crecy_war_knight Jan 23, 2014 3:22 PM Flag


    Result from stockta

    Recent CandleStick Analysis
    Very Bearish

    Date Candle
    Jan-23-2014 Bearish Harami

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    • So all you who bought yesterday and poo-pooed my post...are now about $1 per share down You just lost thousands of bucks. You better hope it makes a come back before closing....I am not a short but when the TA tells me there is weakness I will post it. You can take it into consideration or totally ignore it. But, this is a perfect example how the TA could have saved you thousands of dollars by just being a little cautious with your buys.

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      • rosettawest Jan 24, 2014 2:12 PM Flag

        Crecy, you're talking like money invested yesterday went into the incinerator. It didn't - it will gain mucho bucks for whoever took the plunge. I bought more two days ago - do you think I'm worried?
        Even if we grant that your readings are accurate (I wouldn't know, it's not my thing) it doesn't matter to most of us. We're not penny-flippers here. This is a long-range battleship, not a PT boat.
        I never mocked your stuff (that I can remember) - I'm just saying the day-to-day stuff doesn't matter.


    • rosettawest Jan 23, 2014 3:26 PM Flag

      Dude, you should forget about this stuff, and just tell us stories about your days as a LURP.
      I'm not being sarcastic - I would love to hear about that stuff.
      Even if you're making it up, it would be a lot more interesting than chart analysis.

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      • Yes, I was in 75th Infantry, N company, LRRP, 173rd Airborne Brigade. We went out in 5-6 man teams. Usually dropped off on the side of a mountain ( Bong Son area Central Highlands). Humped over to the other side and monitored the valley. On about the 5-6 or even 7th day we went down to the valley and ...had a birthday party ....if you know what I mean.
        You can read about my Team in the book , " Stealth Patrol...." written by my buddy on my team, Bill Shanahan . I was the RTO for Team G. And if you want to read the novel I wrote, which is a historical fiction of England & France let me know.

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