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  • random4225 random4225 Apr 14, 2011 12:11 PM Flag

    Why is FAF getting pounded and not FNF?

    I've noticed that FAF has been heading down while FNF, which one would think would behave in a similar manner, has been holding steady. Any ideas?

    Only things I can come up with are possibly FAF stock buyback funds exhausted while FNF still has funds or maybe people are hoping Berkshire Hathaway will acquire FNF?

    I've taken an initial 1/3 position in FAF, I don't really mind the downturn if it is just market fluctuation (chance to buy more) but wonder if I'm missing some piece of information that everyone else knows about!?! I like FAF due to its business moat, attractive valuation, and inability to be undercut by cheaper wages in China. I suppose FAF is dead money until there are signs of a real estate turnaround? That could be a while, but if they keep buying back stock that could turn out well for investors.

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