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  • melbee14_83 melbee14_83 Apr 1, 2013 1:59 PM Flag


    used to be 80% of business. what's the story going forward? thanks.

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    • Still concentrated in a limited number of customers, but not as bad as before. Last year (YE 5/31/2012), Spansion was 40% and TI was 22%. I think going forward there will be new customers to even things out some. 3 to 6 months will give a much better idea. Still, it's very significant that most of the recent stock placement went to insiders and current holders. It was also done at a reasonable price that didn't damage existing holders.

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      • Some of you might be well served to review some of your comments from a year ago or more to see what you were saying back then. Many of the comments back then are the same as what is being said now. Aehr has gone nowhere in price and has declined in their general business. They've lost a ton of money over the last year and many years before that. Has anyone given a thought to the posibility that the reason these folks are buying shares and providing the company with equity is to protect their jobs and to try to save this company? It's pretty obvious that the bank won't increase their line of credit and they may be out of other places to go to get funding.

        IMHO this company is going nowhere except maybe out of business unless they can find someone to come in and pick-up a product line or two. They aren't making the cuts necessary to continue their viability.

        Below is a comment from about one year ago. Same things that are being said now.

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        Companies that a going down the tube would have sold 2 million shares at 50 cents. Why would insiders who are taking a pay cut pay a 33 percent premium for their offering. The writing is on the wall. They know the ABTS and FOX are being accepted and will be massively accepted in the next 6-12 months imho Less

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