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  • CorporateRobot CorporateRobot Sep 10, 2009 3:51 PM Flag

    value before and after dilution

    Oops, I forgot to review all the insults you have done to me:

    you called me "girlie"
    "you´re the spoiled terrier"
    "Mommy gave you a silver spoon"
    "offensive POS"
    "You sir, are truly an @#$%"
    "I will be looking for your posts as a Fudd indicator"
    "You really don´t know anything about value"
    "can already see you are so FOS"

    And don't forget...You admitted to punching an adult dog and laughed because your dog hurt that dog - and you said I represented the "spoiled terrier" that you punched and your dog chewed up. Good thing I didn't take that the wrong way!

    The preferred conversions that I have been studying for the past few months were BAC, C, CIT, CRBC, and one other small offshore bank that I can't remember the symbol for. The "C" conversion offer was $3.25 at 100% of par and the common was priced at $1.95 on the day of the announcement. I remember being surprised that it was at a premium.

    Now shut up and leave me alone.