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  • skiman4318 skiman4318 Apr 7, 2010 6:36 PM Flag

    First Quarter Results

    Thanks for your insight. I am a small player here with 5k in shares but really value the opinions of a couple of people on this board.

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    • Hey, that is not that small to me, that is what I have, though it is a relatively small part of a bigger herd.

      When I had 8K shares here it annoyed me though, so I sold off 3K then felt much better about it, but I am long and hold on this one and most of my others, I see it as maybe at least a year and up to five years or more before it nears any dilution adjusted chart high and I should start thinking of selling. But hey, if Q1 results are bad and a miss, then maybe I will unload on it, if they are good and beat, maybe they will run up faster.

      My object now is to not have worries about my holdings, as soon I will be traveling again and won´t be watching them closely or posting. So far this one has gotten to a hold and ignore like that for me so I am happy, barring any unexpected disappointments of course.