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  • kabtb kabtb Apr 7, 2010 8:16 PM Flag

    First Quarter Results

    Geez, you like em risky, good luck. FWIW, I sold out my TSFG shares after they announced they wanted authorization for 1.3B shares, it turned out it may have been at the short term bottom but I don´t care, I got just about all my capital back and could not put up with it.

    Besides, I make a lot more money on the larger regionals and large financial stocks, ones like CRBC and TSFG are small for my own tastes, though I like CRBC and have a similar type timeset on it as you. Plus I put it into a small Midwest bank that has such strong metrics I am amazed it hasn´t been noticed yet, I mean they had NPAs below 4% that were down, good reserves and strong capital ratios, they ain´t going to dilute is my guess.

    Right now I am trying to decide whether to unload all my RF or just the part I need to raise my liquidity, that Morgan Keegan scandal worries me and they were always the bad boy of my lot, though at sub $15 or so I don´t like to part with ones like that so I might just sell maybe a third of my shares or so to get some liquidity. Gotta buy stuff for my trip and all of that.