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  • keoo2 Apr 24, 2010 10:49 AM Flag

    AMFI bites the dust

    thanks for the imfo.can i ask where your finding your imfo. thanks

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    • On these I put together a list of at risk banks from various lists out there, and for things like NPAs I get them from their earnings release.

      If you want a list of banks with high troubled asset ratios look up msnbc and troubled asset ratios, they have a list of those above 90%, they also have a list of the largest 400 banks and their TARs.

      There is a list going around of all banks with FDIC actions against them, things like Cease and Desist orders and agreements, I don´t have that one handy.

      Also, I think I have seen some lists of banks with high NPAs running around.

      Then I simply build my own information and watchlists etc, in my trading book. The ones I own or follow I update as they report their numbers from the earnings releases, in my trading book, which is like my gameplan. It takes some time to build one like that but in the long run it helps and saves me time, because I don´t have to keep going back and looking up the numbers each time I look at the thing as they are all laid out and updated already.

      On the ones like these in this thread I have no interest in buying them at all, they are bowling pins to me, so I don´t follow them closely and only have cursory numbers like their NPA to total asset ratio on my at risk bank list, if their capital level is low, which fills only a few pages in my trading book, and I write CLOSED when they are closed or, with some, when they pull themselves out of it by financing and getting NPAs down, I scratch them off and put them on another list for another class of banks that I don´t give a shit about.

      On those I own or candidates on my watch list though, I have a lot more information in a chart matrix, their stock charts, dilution, TARP, NPAs, reserves, statutory capital levels, entry price, targe price, etc, so I glance at the entry on a chart like thing and I instantly get the picture.

      After this week I will be looking at it only occasionally, as I am going on vacation, but long run it will still be a real time saver when I do go back to looking at my stocks, maybe an hour or two every week or two.

      You can add all kinds of neat things too, like I have the case and shiller inflation adjusted home value chart for the past hundred years and variations on that, TBI index numbers, and backup pages for secondary watchlist charts that maybe I might add six months from now or the like.

      But when I want information like NPAs or capital ratios or what their capital plan is, I do NOT go to someone elses summary or chart, I look up the ticker and read its earnings releases, and any other press releases or articles etc. and get it from the source.