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  • investorseeker investorseeker Sep 28, 2010 7:06 PM Flag

    Next run-up...

    Good CALL, What's your guess as to how high it will run?

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    • Technical analysis won't tell you the answer to that and those who understand it don't look for it, either. You can only follow your charts and when the time is right to exit, you sell.

      There is no way of knowing how high it will rise because there is no way of knowing why it's rises in the first place. It could be that the MMs have kept it down long enough and now want to go the other way for a while. Or, it could be that this is the beginning of another run-up to earnings as we all saw 2 quarters ago.

      It's either going to be a significant run or not. I believe it will be the former. When the sell signals come, you get out. So, it doesn't matter how high it will rise. The only thing that matters is knowing when the sell signals present themselves.

      I can tell you that the indicators that I use are showing a significant run coming. The one variable we need to be watching for now, is volume. That will determine the length and strength of the run.