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  • cappy77 cappy77 Dec 30, 2010 3:35 PM Flag

    Woes of a RS

    Been in this one for a long time and holding stubbornly until it rebounds which I think it will at some point, just not now. I played PCBC (now PCBCD) and was lucky do trade out at a very nice profit before all the stupidity began. They did a reverse split this week and showed me again that any reverse split is ALWAYS not good for shareholders. Hope the management of CRBC remains the course and stays away from such tactics

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    • r-split woulnd't effect the price of crbc. Why? It's trading at less the half its T-book value. It still goes up from here no matter what they do.

    • Your comment about PCBC is to scare the CRBC shareholders. I hold over 100,000 shares of PCBC at an average of $0.256, the last batch bought at $0.27 during AH yesterday; and so far the stock has held up well after 100 to 1 split. This is one stock that will make me lots of profits in 2011.

      CRBC will also go up next month.

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      • This is why I love these boards and stay off them mostly. First off you write that I am trying to scare CRBC holders. Why? I stated and disclosed I am long so scaring anyone would not benefit me. Second any one who makes their trading decisions based on an anonymous board posting is an idiot and gets what they deserve. I have a lot of experience and reverse splits are generally not good for shareholders. YOu state you own 100,000 shares..wrong you now own 1,000 shares since the reverse PCBCD is down and it's down another $1.54 as of this writing. So how's that reverse split working out now.

        I'm long CRBC and have faith that we should do well, but if there is a reverse (management has said no) then I would be out immediately.

      • Trade, I think you meant to write a 1-100 split.

        A 100-1 would be a hell of a forward split!