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  • peristentone peristentone May 29, 2012 6:58 PM Flag

    Out Today

    I have held CRBC since around 61 cents (equivalent) and have a nice long term gain built in. I decided to sell at today's price on offer.

    I originally targeted $22 as a minimum exit for the stock, based on likely TCE values. I still like the bank. I really like the management team's push to profitability. In a different market I would hold on and endure.

    Unfortunately, the Greece situation has me a bit concerned. If Greece does bail out of Euro, I foresee a bank run on most of Southern Europe, and I think that leads to something closer to Lehman #2 than not. So starting with the current rally I am trying to significantly raise my cash position, and this was one I wasn't going to watch disappear. I'll sell any positions that have stalled momentum as opportunities develop in the next month.

    I hope to be back into this stock again this year.

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    • I don't think I would sell just yet. There is much M&A about to happen. CRBC is worth $32.00 on the low side;and probably $45 to $50 on the high side.

    • I'm also avg out at about .65 or 6.50 post split. I wanted to hold till it hit the low 20s, but I'm worried that the market might bring it down. Hopefuly it can go back up to 16 so I can sell. Looks like today it could reach 16 or atleast high 15s.

      Good Luck

    • I'm with you brother... things are too uncertain in the world right now for me to feel comfortable holding on to the amount of equities that I have been involved with. Moving my funds towards a more stable alternative, though less attractive with regard to return. I may be chicken little... but I sense the possibility for really bad things in the not too distant future.

      The economic engine of the global market is broken and I think it's possible that we may find ourselves in a situation that is worse than the one experienced by those in the 30s. I hope that I am wrong... but the foreshadowing seems to be entering stage left.

      Hopefully November will provide all of us with some sound political and economic news.

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      • I don't think things are going to be worse - or equal - to the 1930s in the US because economics has learned that strong deflation requires a decrease in the supply of money. The Fed prints money like crazy just to keep the monetary base stable and so far I think they have done a great job of avoiding the kind of deflation that could have visited us after a major real estate crash.

        Europe is a tougher case. If Germany doesn't sign the recap check for Spanish, Italian, and Irish banks, we could find ourselves in a 1930s style situation where banks in those countries collapse, and depositors lose life savings. This is why a bank run in starting now and will only get worse until credible deposit insurance is in place. Beyond that, I don't see how austerity is in the interests of the European periphery long term. Ultimately I expect the periphery to leave the Euro, and that will surely create a lot of destabilization and leave France and Germany holding large amounts of defaulted sovereign debt they can no longer collect on.

        I agree with you that "The economic engine of the global market is broken". Every major economic region appears to be heading for years of stagnant growth. This is an absolutely treacherous environment in which to buy and hold equities.

    • Congrats for the nice profit and thanks for all the valuable comments you posted in this forum.

      I've sold a bit over half of my position in the last few weeks and will keep the rest until the TCE is recovered and maybe until TARP is repaid