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  • x993231 x993231 Mar 26, 2008 7:56 AM Flag

    marriage of the chromophore and the spacer system

    Ok, I could not help myself when I read the news. I've been years for this. This is HUGE. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the last step. I think that once they are set up they can roll these things out like they are making plastic bags, no clean rooms or heavy case to protect. Who knows it would be nice if they could attach the fiber with zip ties, lol. Hopefully the spacer system can hold up like the chromophore "no degradation at temperatures up to 327°C" and compatible with "standard microelectronic manufacturing processes (e.g. wave/vapor-phase soldering)".
    As soon as Photon-x is done they will talk to the business world, but apparently not before. Always best to under promise and over deliver.

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    • Hey 99

      Been watching this one for a long time

      I agree with its potential.

      Too bad some folks are so enamored of LMRA that they can't see the forest for the trees


    • x, too funny, you think the day Photon-X gets this thing pieced together on a bench that miracously the commercial sales come rolling in at breakneck speed; lol :)

      You do realize that even IF they get a decent working PROTOTYPE, it's a long road to converted the prototype into a commercially viable product; then cap it all off with a year to a year and a half of Telcordia testing before the first commercial sale dollar is earned

      Let's wait to see if the thing even works; if I remember right, they were going to be happy if they achieved 10gbs, from the SEC filing >>

      We expect to have a proof of concept of an electro-optic modulator in the first quarter of 2008, and we intend to utilize the services of Dr. Robert Norwood at the University of Arizona Photonics Department to perform these tests, as we have in the past. We may incur delays in this process due to slower than expected material production within our laboratories and/or delays caused by the testing procedures at the University of Arizona. Should these tests produce a functional 10 Gb/s or greater modulator we expect to go forward with product marketing and development in the telecommunication market with partners in the telecommunication field. We cannot anticipate the details of the customer adoption cycle until we have produced a function prototype to create a credible technology offering.

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      • Squeeze you are a Lumera guy, and good luck with them. We are not here to bash Lumera. Peace dude. These guys are not about just modulators they are going to make chips. The modulators are only a stepping stone, the low hanging fruit. The modulators are just proving that what they have will work and they are only planning on capturing about half of the modulator market (realistic) in their projections. Becasue their chips will fit into the standard manufacturing process and once they demonstrate that it works they will be talking about quite a few products. No need to cheerlead or bash.
        Remember the young bull said lets run down the hill and bang a few of those cows, the old bull said lets walk down and do them all.

    • I was so excited I posted the wrong link.

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