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  • protohype_101 protohype_101 May 28, 2008 7:22 AM Flag

    questions for m3700b

    1) why the new yahoo ID needed?

    2) you are an INSIDER right?

    3) Teng is an employee of lightwave right?

    4) The testing is no longer independent right?

    5) you are telling me that the PR lied to investors about "student schedules" being the problem right?

    6) are there any technical specs of the testing accomplished to-date that you CAN provide
    a) drive voltage
    b) insertion loss
    c) etc etc

    7) is there a PIPE in progress now?

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    • Great posts, Just wanted to move this back to the top.

      and we wait, this is America, I want it now.

    • thanks m, you have certainly have helped me to understand an important piece of the puzzle that has baffled me for some time, a piece of the puzzle that without such knowledge would lead an investor to believe lwlg's tech was somehow flawed

    • sure alot of folks are tired of waiting. Ive said im not a science guy so i dont know answers to your technical questions. Funny thing is Fred Goetz and Co could care less about the stock price today. Theyre like kids the night before Christmas right now cause they believe in whats coming. Give them 10 days or so and we'll have new r33. Films are spun and ready to go at PhotonX in WC. Teng will do his thing anyday and then AZ and maybe Princeton will follow up very quickly.
      And the guessing you've all done about TDON being kicked to the curb is just BS. What i wrote is accurate enough about that time frame. But under Schneider the NRO designed and bought all the equipment for TDON and funded them among other things. Its not important in the long run but what happened back then seems to matter here as so much has been written to knock TDON and the funding crap. TDON wasnt cutoff....the guy who had the checkbook, pulled all the strings and was "their guy" was killed on a motorcycle. Not disputable... its a fact. Dalton was tight with the guys from Lumera and not TDON so most of the 4mm set aside for TDON went to Lumera when Schneider died. Theres more to it but thats enough for here. Business and govt deals mean personal contacts/relationships and friends where you need them. TDON lost theres unfortunately in a tragic accident. Actually a few higher ups in DARPA didnt like the whole nanotech stuff anyway since after 15 years no one produce anything....and Schneiders passing pretty much sealed it.
      And you think the military isnt involved in LWLG right now? Guess again.... Not the funding part anymore but theyre in there and wanting facts, time frames and any details LWLG will give them. You already know the military applications of this if it does work. Military grade Perkinamine and polymers that make this stuff more soluble than even the scientists thought possible 6 months ago. you'll see r33 soon and then some very successful business names added to this board to ramp this up. Probably a new CEO. Bennett understands the science of this and could talk the game but he's not the man that can organize and run this show.. He has been mostly a consultant over the years to a variety of companies. Brilliant guy and served a purpose... but not a CEO for LWLG. Your gonna see him "step aside" i think. So when he does just know its a good thing and necessary... once the business story of this science gets a green light. Fred Goetz and the board are gonna let the business end of this roll when the r33 and other tests are finalized. Theres a long way to go as a company ie...making sure those patents are rock solid etc... but i dont think the science will be a question much longer.

    • Of course questioning of a company is healthy but not the extent that he does it. Anyone can take just about anything that someone does and twist it to appear negative. We see it everyday in the press.

      For instance, if Bush walked across a lake the press would say “This picture proves that without a doubt President Bush is afraid of water and unable to swim”.

      Investing involves risk and you need to balance the optimism and the pessimism. This technology is either going to rule or it is not. Taking statements out of context is childish and doesn’t benefit anyone.

      The problem is proto is crying wolf everyday while claiming to have a couple of them as pets.

      Can you imagine if Thomas Edison had a public company that had to publicly report his progress? Proto would be complaining that he has been trying too long and tried too many times and that proves that he is never going to do it, or that the glass could shatter easily, or the filament was hot, or that he first needs to prove that Eskimo children will not go hungry without the income derived from whale oil, or the ink used to write his patents is not good for the environment, or sure it’s bright but not as bright as the sun, or we don’t have an electric grid therefore it is useless, or that criminals could use them at night to see, or that mosquitoes will get tired of flying at night and die and ruin the food chain. Hmmm I kinda like the last one, lol

      That much pessimism does not come naturally, and I don’t think the motivation is his personal money, income maybe, but not investment income, it is almost as if he has a vendetta?

    • coughBcUoLuLgShHcIoTu!g!h, lol

    • Yep new to Yahoo from AOL. So, what am i not allowed to join? And not an insider. Just a fan of a brilliant guy (Gietz) that spent 25 years working on his lifes passion that could make a difference in the world. And.... an admirer of a group of guys (that you've slammed pretty good and dont even know) that could possibly do something really cool! Im a student and investor. Teng as i understand is the inventor of the r33 testing and not an employee so yea its still independent testing. His wont likely be the only confirmation but who better to do the r33 than the inventor of the test. You imply he's gonna risk his reputation for a business he has no affiliation with? Doubt that! Regarding your technical questions.... im a business student and know a few guys but not the details you seek. Stay tuned i guess. I only know what i hear thru the tree's and sure i could be wrong about what i hear. We all hope that the relevant news will be coming soon. Until then, i wish them luck. I take it from your posts you'd prefer they fail. Ya never know maybe you'll get the last laugh......maybe not :)

      • 2 Replies to m3700b
      • Teng as i understand is the inventor of the r33 testing and not an employee so yea its still independent testing

        Renowned Scientist Dr. C.C. Teng Formally Joins PSI-TEC Staff
        Business Wire, Sept 1, 2005

        E-mail Print Link WILMINGTON, Del. -- PSI-TEC Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of PSI-TEC Holdings Inc. (Pink Sheets:PTHO), announced today that Dr. C.C. Teng has finalized employment agreement details with the company. Following a detailed two-month evaluation of PSI-TEC's breakthrough telecommunications material technology, Teng agreed to join the PSI-TEC staff in July.

        hmmmm, this is lwlg a couple of names ago, right???

      • m, thanks for the reply, I am actually long but refuse to listen to all the rose colored glasses talk around here without getting answers to the hard questions which seem to cast quite a great shadow of doubt that this company is nothing more than an 18 year ongoing facade, and actually I hope these guys do succeed, let's just hurry it up a bit because in 18 more years I may not be here to see it !!!

    • why did all the govt agencies, incl DARPA, kick this company to the curb after funding them from 1998 through 2005 ?????

      (from the 10k)

      followup question, how did this company make its miraculous BIG BREAKTHROUGH in its tech right after being dumped by all the govt agencies, incl DARPA ???????

      • 1 Reply to protohype_101
      • No problem.....and just a bit of what i do know about your gov. funding questions. Ive read that its been a concern here. You know im new here and dont know if this is a repeat of info but im surprised more isnt known here about the gov. funding issue. What i know is this....The NRO or National Reconnasence (sp) Organization was funding this until 2004. In 2004 the NRO was suppose to hand this off to DARPA. As you know the NRO has no budget disclosed, reports to no one and is rather super secret. Prior to the financial "handoff" to DARPA the guy in charge at the NRO of TDON died in a motorcycle accident. His name was Bill Schneider. There was actually a 4 million dollar grant in place arranged by Schneider and ready to continue the funding of TDON thru DARPA. When DARPA got this and Schneider had died....there was a guy named Larry Dalton with DARPA in charge of this stuff and he handed off the funding to his buds at Lumera. The NSA and NRO tried to keep the ball in the air and the mindset at the time with Schneider gone was that no one else really knew what he'd been up to with TDON and this high tech polymer nanotech stuff may not yield much. Remember no budget approvals or disclosures, records or anything like that. They tried a Morph program with Gietz (the scientist) but Dalton was committed to Lumera. You probably know the rest but google Larry Dalton and nose around. Bottom line is that Bill Schneider's death was the end of LWLG's funding (its all in the relationships, just as any business can be) and the money then went to Lumera. It had nothing at all to do with the progress or lack there of with TDON. It was just very secretive between Schneider and TDON. Schneider died and so did the funding. Soon after and since then... private funding has been raised by Universal Capital in Del and theyve run with this ever since. Yea its traded now as you know but Universal has been significant in helping to fund this. But the gov. didnt bail on TDON at all. Sh&$^t happens and when your dealing with very secretive agencies and relationships......things can dissappear and the money did when the main force with the NRO was killed. I hope that helps. But to suggest they were "cut off" or "kicked to the kirb" is just ignorant of the facts. But if you dont know...i suppose you have to speculate and assume the worst. Its not true and these guys are going to prove what Schneider and the NRO believed in..... Im betting on the dead guy and what he and these guys have fought so hard to achieve. over and out!


    • 8) Can you provide the r33 benchmark from which the ("as high as") 650% was derived over 2 years ago ????

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