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  • x993231 x993231 May 6, 2011 7:08 AM Flag

    I’ll be happy for an update

    Man I guess there is no pleasing some of you. They told us months ago that they will have technology updates throughout the year; Jim announces that they are having one and some still complain. I’m happy that they are going to do their best again to try and bring this down to level that we can understand. I wouldn’t expect any definitive news that a deal is going to happen on a particular date but rather an update on all fronts. Remember that in negations the first to put forth a deadline usually looses as the other party drags it out in order to get a concession as the deadline nears.

    Look at the players here and remember how many different configurations of Perkinamine there are and each project requires its own tweaking and each is in a different stage, trust me they’ve got a lot of balls in the air. Folks this is VERY complex science and the snow ball is just forming.

    As for questions, think up your best question and post it here, we are not playing gotcha and I’ll forward it to them, I agree that we want them to be prepared because the more questions that they can answer during the presentation the better off we all are.

    I would like to know how many different entities we are dealing with and if we’ve had any that found a fatal flaw with Perkinamine. If we are working on 2 different projects with one single company or university then count that as 2. (Remember that each different entity is confirmation of what we have.)

    Busy Day, Yes the Price is down but I'm not planning on selling in the near term, unless you are it is just a number and trust me that could change with one announcement. Good Day

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    • Well ii's I believe we are closer and closer...... feels as if the stars may actually be aligning in our favor :-)

      I believe more may be going on within the company than we have a clue about and that is as it should be.

      TIME WILL TELL.....


    • Are we about to take off. I feel like a kid headed to the amusement park. Are we there yet?

    • Where do you want your final destination to be on the beam up we need coordinates? :-) LOL

      Back to my popcorn. :-) Hilarious!

      Buzzy go see if any good music is around!


    • Good riddance and good-bye. You're worse than Ponzi.

    • You are right. After researching Fusion and Lincoln, I will be unloading this coming Monday. I cannot fathom what these guys are doing. Guess Roth had no interest.

      This fund and it's previous group Fusion Capital takes only donkey's that they can bleed. If you do not think they are going to short LWLG, then enjoy the ride. Didn't they tell us they were adequately funded through 2011. This is a desperation move IMO.

      I checked some of their other deals. Yuk.

      Give JM a raise for a job well done.

    • Uncle-RickGene,

      Maybe you should go out in the backyard, dig up your 16K ounces of silver (1/2 ton?), stack it on the deck, kick back, and have a few cocktails.

      Some of us aren't that lucky. If I had all that metal I wouldn't be all that concerned about this investment. Why so cranky?

      Hey, it's Friday.

    • X I always welcome updates. We have been begging them for weeks. I just question the timing. You know as well as I whenever we get close to a buck they have one but they say they dont care about the pps.Im expecting the same horse and pony show with nothing concrete to report.they can have all the updates they want but until something is inked it wont help.

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      • Exactly. The deadlines they predicted have come and gone so now no one cares what they put out. Only revenue or a partnership will help the PPS. This is not only LWLG but the overall market. People are not buying hope but want to see a product before they throw money into a stock. Biotech market is dead due to this reasoning.

        My question would be are they having success raising capital in the private markets and how do we stand financially. They are going to be short on cash very soon in my estimation. Let Taser Boy pony up some money.

    • Some Q's from the other thread:

      Do they still believe in the timeline provided at Roth of 90-120 days? For that matter, is the "large system supplier" still working with us?

      Where are they at in building working devices?

      Where are they at with Celestech and Lockheed?

      How many new companies have we approached and how many are currently testing our materials?

      Do they still expect revenue in 2011?

      Whats new with Alabama, the BNL testing, CUNY devices etc?

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