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  • rickmasters95 rickmasters95 Nov 4, 2011 7:27 PM Flag


    What do you think of Phil's statement that we will have revenue by the end of the year. I am figuring that if we do not see news by Thanksgiving, the year is pretty much over. I will be glad when the three Amigos are finally gone from Lightwave or at least down the ladder.

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    • Do not blame you. It was worth a shot on the news but did not pan out. I wonder if LWLG has news , how many people will be selling(guessing 95%).

    • I sold AEMD. I own no BB equities. GL.

    • Wake me up when AEMD gets going. There are going to be a rash of small companies going out of business soon as it will be almost impossible to raise money unless you connect with a hedge fund who puts you in a death spiral.

      This is the worst market I have ever seen. Nothing moves except the big stocks.

    • I was alerted to IGXT via twitter on the 11th and someone just mentioned on AEMD board (see chart action on 11th lol). BBs are so-o-o manipulated and shorted after a run but remember "good luck timing them" lol. Shorts could be expecting a raise after FDA approval as a lot of biotechs do after news. Little research here; just an alert. Your money; your time.

    • Agreed Rick. Doubt any cc will come about because the "obvious one" will happen soon.

      OT- It's a sick world. I work in Grand Rapids Mich. and we have over 900 kids in foster care- removed for abuse and neglect. You can't imagine the damage done to these kids. A good number are in institutional settings, unable to be placed in private homes due to resulting issues.

    • Caers, your posts have been balanced and rational and made regardless of whether you were stating an unpopular opinion or challenging some statements made on on the board. I can't imagine you backing off now.

      For what it's worth, when you post, I read.

    • Caers,

      You do not need to keep everything to yourself. There many on this board who value your due diligence.

      However, while I share your cautiousness, I am also very optimistic about LWLG's prospects.
      Why would Miller, the Corning CTO, join the BODs, Dr. Glasgow agree to become LWLG CTO, Admiral Zelibor agree to be Chairman of the BODs if LWLG did not have the goods NOW?

      BTW, how did Rear Admiral Zelibor end up with little ole' LWLG anyway? Here is a guy who was commander of Naval Space Command and Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO), Navy, responsible for implementation of IT policy and procedures. How did he discover LWLG? Why is he so committed to LWLG? That is a reason to be very optimistic about LWLG!


    • A lively discussion, unfortunately headed in the wrong direction. It seems we're getting down to the level of a mud fight where everyone is a target. High degree of frustration... when we were once over $2. now we're at .65, people are staring into the fog wondering what's coming next. When there is an information vacuum somethings got to fill it. That statement is not to imply that the company's not keeping us informed, there is probably nothing to relate right now. It's funny in a way, we want the company to give us an update and then when they do, some are concerned that it is just some spin to satisfy investors. What do you expect? If they had something to tell us they would. I take the recent changes in management a positive thing. It doesn't guarantee may greatly improve the company's chances, but that's it. As far as the pumpers and basher? Well on one end one pumper seems to be to put together "informed and knowledgeable" opinions that have been constructed out of "bits and pieces" that he/she put together...almost like they are the McGuyver of information...on the other end is a basher that seems to delight in the misfortunes of others...sure would make my top ten list of people I would want to be around.

      We're (most of us I think)hoping for the best and concerned about the worst. I've never taken an invention from start to a commercially viable product before. I don't know what it takes or what's involved, but as I've said, I'm taking the recent management changes as a positive thing and indicative of a board that wants the company to succeed. However there are other larger factors such as viability of government funding in this economy as well as the recent news of soured government investments which might damper government funding of projects.

      When they have something to announce, they will. It's really simple...stay or get out. If you think it's a bad investments or you don't have a stomach for the uncertainty...get out while you can. If you're convinced that they're going to succeed...let your chips ride.

      Oh and P.S. Remember, these are just online personas that post here. Personas can be a real person or an artificial construct. I know that you all know that, but sometimes it seems to get lost in the discussion.

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      • Dennis,

        Well stated post. However, I have one bone of contention with your post. You state the following:

        "there are other larger factors such as viability of government funding in this economy as well as the recent news of soured government investments which might damper government funding of projects."

        While this may be true in general, IMHO, concerning proven transformational technologies there will always be funding available (amount determined by potential impact).


    • I have a few but only enough to make me not worry about it everyday. The board is an energy drainer to me. I'm not reading it all these days.

      As I said, I like the fact that PS is gone and the new blood is here. However, if everyone pumps the new team as the reason to be in now, makes you wonder why they were in before. That sounds like an investment of hope vs. conviction. After all, is the science done? I am not convicted so I vacillate. Tired of trying to sort it out. Later.

    • If you read my messages carefully , you will see that most of the time I comment on messages by others who claim something which after confrontation does not appear to be correct. So if you think I should not be doing that ,ok I will stop that and keep everything for myself.

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