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  • long.timer long.timer Jan 24, 2012 8:40 AM Flag


    I'm betting we get an announcement before CC that a contract with either Celetech or Lockheed has been inked....however I'm afraid the magnitude of revenue may disappoint. It is critical that mgmt be open and candid about the various opportunities they are exploring as well as the timing and probability of success....otherwise the stock price is back to a buck.

    I understand the NDA thing but come on guys its time to tell the owners...shareholders....what the h*ll is going on.

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    • longtimer, i'm not too concerned about the size of the initial deals. my guess is most will want to dip their toes in the pool before making the big plunge. what i want to see is a big name signing on the dotted line. that alone will show everyone that the science has been proven sound, and has the very real potential for large-scale commercial applications. baby steps. but i think we are getting very very close.

    • Shareholders as owners went out the window long ago in the rules department. MF Global is a prime example.

      I still believe a contract shows the purchaser has decided our product is as advertised and will be a huge plus. Maybe not with the PPS short term but the validation will cause others to get busy inking deals with LWLG. My only concern will be if they do announce something tomorrow morning as it is all moot at this point, how long have they had the contract and should it not be announced within the allotted time frame to the investing public(72 hours max.).

      Just put the Big 3 on t stage and let us here what they have to say. They are the only ones that hold the clout.

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