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  • DCleare DCleare Oct 19, 1999 5:48 PM Flag


    I've enjoyed reading some of your posts. Although
    I may not agree with all of your opinions, you
    always seem to look at and discuss the facts. A lot of
    people just spend time hyping stocks (Longs and shorts).
    On a couple occasions I actually changed my position
    based on some of your posts and saved money.

    I could, I would like to get your opinion on
    shorting BVSN. I rode this stock from 129 to 172 after the
    company announced a 3/1 split, but now I am think the the
    hype is going to subside after the stock splits this
    Friday. This stock has risen over 300% in the past three
    months for no real good reason. Now that they have
    announced earnings, which were good but not necessarily
    blowout numbers ($.16 vs $.13). I'm looking to take a
    short position sometime next week, when the hype
    subsides. I'm thinking that once the float triples, it is
    going to be real difficult for traders to move this
    stock higher. What do you think?


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    • m short. I stay in the short position 2 to 3 days
      depending on the stock, and its situation. I usually cover
      before the 'dead cat bounce' has happened, and then i
      reshort on that.

      As for BVSN, i wouldn't take a
      short position, because even though it has shown some
      weakness, there has not been a technical reversal.
      Fundementally i can see your reason, but fundementals do not
      take into account irrationality. Now, if you are a
      longer term short, then there is no doubt that you will
      win shorting BVSN, but most likely because the market
      will tank, and take BVSN down with it.

      I would
      take a look at better shorts if you are longer term,
      and i would short before next week [i believe the
      nasdaq has two more days at the most, before it starts
      its decend to 2500] TAke a look at ETYS, if you are a
      longer term short, then that is were you want to be. A
      8.5 billion dollar toy company?? C'mon!! Also,
      they're lockup will expire in mid november, and an extra
      105 million shares will become available for sale.
      They only have 8 million shares in the float now.
      Also, this Christmas hype has worn off. I would short,
      anywhere higher than $75.

      Anyhow, good luck...

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