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  • plyka143 plyka143 Oct 20, 1999 10:02 AM Flag

    uh oh, negative territory!!!

    Usually this stock waits until well into the
    afternoon before it slips, today it's doing it 1/2 an hour
    into the trading session. I smell filling the gap to
    the downside, and a slide to atleast $26 in the

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    • The quiet period is 25 days...not 30.
      Also...ECN's don't short anything...they simply match orders
      so how do you figure ECN's are shorting the hell out
      of this stock?

      Also....A.G. Edwards is hardly
      an "ax" in this stock or any other for that how would someone there know what market makers
      might be short.

      At anyrate...I think this stocks
      about to rip into the 50's too as all the internet
      infastructure companies get I'm long with you.... ;-)

    • that if AOL, IBM earnings did not surprise on the down side, then the techs will be okay tomorrow.

    • not tonight?

    • Today's close bodes well for a major run and a
      breakthru of resistance in the forties.
      Look for a gap
      up tomorrow and continued momentum...
      this is
      just the beginning!

      OT: What happened to
      Tweedle Dee and Tweedledumb (Probably got caught in a
      short squeeze).

      ROCK ON RDWR!!!

    • you can't short an ipo the first day, and most
      brokers won't let you short for a while, BUT, if your
      broker has the shares, you can short an ipo b/4 the 30
      day quite period ends... The reason their is no
      shares to short, is because the ECN'S and market makers,
      & brokers are shorting whatever ipo you want to
      talk about.--I can guarantee you, RDWR has been
      shorted-by a friend of mine ( i saw his portfolio---and past
      trades, which included a short last week----it took him 3
      day's to get out of it, but fortuneatly for him-rdwr
      was down and he made a 3 1/16 short profit on 500
      shares.)------AND IF YOU THINK THE -ECN'S & MM'S AREN'T shorting
      the hell out of RDWR you better check your level-2 or
      whatever charts you use, or do what i did,------called a
      VERY CLOSE friend who is fund mngr. at bear stearns,
      and asked her to check this out.-----She got back to
      me, an hour later and said their is a LOT of MM'S
      playing the short side, then buying in at lowered
      price.------This explaines why,-----if you go to thompsons or a
      couple other sites i go to, that show institutional
      buying / selling, all last week you saw buying by
      institutions right after price was forced down.---( you can
      believe what you want, -but b/4 you argue, you better
      call someone in the business to check----------I have
      proof from 2 sources, the fund mngr., & and another
      close friend /broker at A.G. EDWARDS & SONS.

    • I'm here in Detroit. They did not like me anymore
      in Europe so they sent me to the US. Think Judge is
      from France. Anyway also think the MM's where playing
      games-- trying to lower the price,shaking out some weak
      holders--they where looking at which level buyers are stepping
      in, so they can buy and go long.

      There is NO
      way RDWR is fair valued in the 30's.

      Good luck

    • We all know compared with the rest of this
      sector, RDWR's undervalued by half or two thirds easily.

      Now that it's coming to the end of the Quiet Period
      the MM shake out dance is getting intense...but it
      looks to me as though that's coming to an end, and
      institutions are starting to take their positions. If we can
      end the day in the 34-35 area, I think we'll begin to
      build strength for a major run that'll blow out
      resistance in the forties.
      Now's a good time to HOLD.

      I got to go to work today to you


    • during the QP. Particularly when influenced by
      the market dump.
      Looking forward to end of QP when
      the serious broker coverage starts. Have fun in
      France - do they do Oktoberfest?

      Good Investing!

    • using Radware. Any news?

      Good luck

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