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  • MockDoc MockDoc Oct 26, 1999 11:12 AM Flag

    Why no news on BUY rating.

    Why is it that I don't see this highest rating on Yahoo, upgrade/downgrade board. I continue to see this stock ignored by AOL and Yahoo. Thoughts?

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    • RDWR's price is dependent on FFIV because they
      are in the same category ("Industry" is the proper
      term I think). Ever hear the expression "A rising tide
      floats all boats?" If all competitors in an industry are
      doing well, it is a strong sign that the industry as a
      whole is a healthy one to be in--it is growing well
      enough to support multiple competitors. Consequently,
      any company with a healthy business plan in that
      industry stands a good chance to make money, gain share,
      or be bought out on the way up by a bigger fish. All
      these are good if you own any or all stocks in the

      While I haven't studied this industry
      long enough to know all the players, FFIV seems to be
      the big fish in pond and most investing in this
      industry (judging by the posts I read) see it as the
      bellweather for the industry.

      I've actually used this
      to my advantage recently on CNXT, using a contrarian
      strategy. BRCM (overvalued in my opinion) comes out with
      their earnings about two weeks before CNXT. BRCM
      recently didn't beat the whisper number, and not only did
      BRCM's stock price suffer (near term), but a number of
      other stocks which investors viewed as being in the
      same category (even though they aren't when you get
      down to brass tacks) suffered immediately (and
      wrongly) following the news (PMCS and CNXT among them).
      CNXT took a 20 point hit on the stock in two weeks(it
      was at 83), and I bought more in the mid 60s, and
      sold it back at low 80's in 6 days time, really only
      expecting to sell it in the mid to high 70s.

      take home lesson: watch all the stocks within an
      industry in which you own one, and it woudln't hurt to
      watch the bellweathers for the internet infrastructure
      build out as well. Watch CSCO, LU for overall health,
      and FFIV, ATON, if you own RDWR. Anyone have any

      Happy investing. Oh, yeah, I'd buy more.

    • <EOM>

    • Just to give my opinion about these B2B stocks, I
      think we have a play here in the hottest sector at this
      moment. RDWR is trendeing higher, but the big move is
      still to come, I agree completely with that.
      this time I am holding my stock mainly for 2 reasons :
      The competitor earnings of FFIV yesterday are
      booming, and RDWR is to match the growth of these
      companies. Secondly I was never so bullish and sure about a
      stock or sector then for this one now.

      lesson ;
      I bought FFIV in the lower 60's and got jittery at
      75$ so I took my profit. I will never make that
      misstake again, and I had the nice opportunity to step
      into RDWR into the lower 40's. To high you will think,
      we'll very soon we will know the potential ahead and
      reflections that have been made by other posters on this
      board were "ridiculously high" in the regions of 125 to
      150$. I do not know if this is ridiculous by year

      Coverage of this stock is only starting at present and we
      will see a lot of other brokers stepping in with
      ratings at least strong buy.

      Business is growing
      fast, and motto in this new fast growing sector will be
      : if you can't beat them,....

      Nice milennium
      party for us longs is coming!

    • over time the hardest part of picking a stock is knowing when
      to sell, not how many shares you
      have, learn from your mistakes!

    • there's no crime in taking a
      But in my opinion, RDWR is backing and filling and
      positioning itself for a major rally, we're about ready to
      The current online trader seems to have no patience
      for normal moves in stock pricing.
      valuation by it's underwriters as a consensus "Strong Buy"
      is significant, as that's not always the
      RDWR is extremely undervalued at it's current price
      and the "load balancing" sector is vital to any
      serious companies future in marketing it's
      RDWRs been around longer than it's competitors and it's
      market share and positioning is greater then most...this
      should be reflected in earnings on Nov. 4th.
      know this...that's why they're positioning themselves
      for the run up.
      Watch and learn...

    • With all the upgrade & coverage, RDWR should
      close higher. It is down a little. It is not good sign,
      at least for the short term. Frankly, I do think
      this stock is under valued compared with similar
      stocks, but my opinion does not influence the market. You
      have to take some profits.

    • With blowout earnings from FFIV, it will carry
      RDWR to the next level as well:

      ATON, which has
      a cap of $3B, had a greater qtr. % wise but still
      did not have blowout #s. However, their qtr. revenue
      was actually less than FFIV's. Thus, FFIV should at
      least propel to $2-2.5B bases on their awesome

      Now, RDWR had maintained a valuation of 50-60% of FFIV
      since they were discovered per CBS Marketwatch. Hence,
      doing the math...RDWR will have a cap of $1-1.25B cap,
      which equates to a per share price of $68 to $89. RDWR,
      like FFIV, should turn profitable this Qtr. and should
      maintained their valuation with FFIV going forward (at least
      til earnings)

    • Futures currently 1280.30 last tick up....(on globex)

      not down 20....

    • too quick...RDWR's going Up not Down...

      LONG and STRONG RDWR!!!

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