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  • achouffe achouffe Oct 27, 1999 4:11 PM Flag

    Moving nice after market $55.5

    Can anybody tell me what the criteria are for an
    online broker like datek fi, to give margin on these
    higly volatile stocks?

    Some of them do, but
    datek not for now. Is this based on Market Cap

    Anybody can give me an answer on this one?

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    • >There are generally two approaches to
      load-balancing: network-based, and host-based. Host-based systems
      software to be installed on each server throughout the
      network. Radware Ltd. (NASDAQ:RDWR - news) and
      privately held firms, BrightTiger and Resonate, are among
      the providers of host-based systems.

      But this
      category of software must be installed on each server
      throughout the network. For large companies that may
      hundreds of servers, the burden of maintaining such a
      system can be onerous, especially in terms of time and
      IT personnel
      costs. A system upgrade can be time
      consuming, since IT staff has to visit each local server
      before the upgrade is finished.

      load-management systems, on the other hand, rely on hardware that
      is installed at one location, and are
      much easier
      to install and service. F5, Alteon and Foundry are
      all among the suppliers of these systems.<

      Does anybody see this as a substantial draw-back?
      Maybe this is why FFIV, FDRY and ATON are so highly
      valued. Anybody have a take on this?


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      • I am not a techie and I am not going to listen to
        those that claim to be techies. There is only on thing
        I look at shares outstanding, sales, margins,
        peers, growth rate and most important of all market cap
        VS peers.

        If I followed all the techie
        bullcrpa I would of sold CSCO 3 years ago when
        doom and gloomers ran thier mouth in Barrons. I'll
        never forget i almost sold it then.

        If you are
        uncomfortable with this stock in this hot sector sitha float of
        3.5 million then buy FFIV which is a core position of

        I still feel this has plenty of roome to grow. Take
        the time to read some of the technology write up
        about them.

      • go to the other boards (ffiv, aton, fdry, jnpr,
        csco, lu, cmtn, covd, etc.) and tell them what a
        bargain it is to buy RDWR. It has the potential to break
        $100 by earnings on Nov. 4. Why not help RDWR reach
        that goal sooner? Are you all with me?

        another $2 Stock Hooker

      • Can any of you answer my question - mess. 640?

        As a long, I am wondering how much this would hold
        us back. Is everyone trying to ignore this question,
        or just that nobody knows?


    • The reason Datek and other brokers do not let you
      use margin to buy and hold some internet and high
      tech stocks is that they want you to go broke slowly
      so they can extract the maximum amount of
      commissions from you before you close your account. With
      margin, the average trader will go broke with half the
      trades (and half the commissions) he would otherwise.

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