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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Oct 29, 1999 6:41 PM Flag

    Not sure about RDWR FFIV or JCDA

    I have about 30 stocks on a portfolio that I am
    watching. They mostly have to do with these new breeds of
    routers from cmtn to jnpr. Also have all of these "speed
    increasers" like FFIV, RDWR, JINC, etc. I am really not sure
    just what JCDA does. I do know that there are a bunch
    of these companies comming to the market in droves
    and commanding huge market caps. I have a few

    Can these companies ever make enough money to justify
    their high market cap?

    Will there be some big

    How much of these high flying ipo's are depending on

    And just what it the hell do all of these companies

    I have my answers to my own questions which i will
    post here and would appreciate some responses to help
    with my ignorance.

    I hear people talking about
    the next CSCO but don't see it yet. When you talk
    about an INTC, AOL, CSCO, DELL, SUNW, MSFT, etc, you
    have to take into account the fact that these
    companies touch the masses. There is no limit to their
    market. I definitely see limits in the market of the
    companies I question. I am not sure the market can provide
    the long term revenue to justify the high value of
    the company. Lets look at a comparison.

    Revs: From 4.01 mill to 6.3 mill
    Profit: From
    (730k) to (403k)

    RDWR Revs : From 1.7 mill to 5.5
    Profit: From (1 mill) to (178k)

    FFIV Revs
    : From 3.0 mill to 14.1 mill
    Profit: From (2.3
    mill) to (6.7 mill)

    However impressive the
    increases may be in Revs, I don't see an CSCO like long
    distance growth anywhere in the 30 stocks I have listed. I
    cannot see JNPR stepping into CSCO's back yard and being
    worth what they are. What happened to COMS, CS,

    I too hope RDWR and JCDA take off but will that be
    the end? Where will they be a year from now. A 10
    Bill market cap is one thing but the Revs to justify
    it are another. Can these markets really be that
    big? I think that the REVS and Profit on RDWR and JCDA
    will be great next week. It makes all the sense in the
    world that they have waited for the tech conference
    because the news is sooo good! But I want to know who are
    the winners?

    What do all of these companies do
    that make them a winner. I understand they make some
    form of software of hardware that makes the net run
    faster, but how long can that last? What is more
    important software or hardware? Who has the best
    technology? It is really confusing to a person with little
    tech background that realizes the place to make money
    is in tech. I really want to jump in with both feet
    but need some help from you guys and gals that
    understand this stuff and how it works.

    Sorry for the
    long post and thanks in advance for the


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