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  • shushkidude shushkidude Dec 1, 1999 7:40 PM Flag

    another MM game for Shushkidude 2

    i bow humbly to your comments..thank you fellow
    anyone who has been an investor long enough has suffered
    a wipeout like u had described with vaci, so dont
    take it to heart...the trick is sticking with the
    winners and dumping the losers
    as for rdwr, as ie said
    numerous times, i think they have a very good technology,
    are in an expanding mkt. and have good products, but,
    like everything in life, its a question of
    i have no doubt this internet craze will dye
    sometime and 99% of all companies will dye with it or
    become penny my humble opinion rdwr will be
    bought out within the next 12-18 months by a larger
    company..the price? i cant begin to guess as this market has
    humbled all its prophets.
    people get caught up in the
    hyping feeding frenzy these days..the truth be told, if
    u eliminate the the hype which pushed the stock to
    unreal valuations ull see a stock that was issued at 18
    and is at 43...all within 2months..not so,
    anyone who bought this thing above45 did so on
    speculation only and by relying on unobjecticve analysis by
    the bankers who did the ipo and who are lining up to
    do a secondary offering as we speak.
    we need to
    see big volume and a fundamental catalyst to move
    this stock higher..but i dont view this stock as a
    penny stock...its a good buy at 25-30..a great buy at
    20 or below and a lousy buy here.

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