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  • theradwarebear theradwarebear Jan 5, 2000 3:35 AM Flag


    I'm back and I noticed that the RDWR mgmt is up
    to some funny business... Hmmmm, did I read that
    RDWR insiders are selling some of there stock??? I
    think so. Funny, I recall mentioning that over 1 month
    ago. Lets take a look, RDWR announces they will beat
    earnings and also indicates a secondary offering...sounds
    like a little funny business to me. I going to start
    watching this one a little closer now!!!

    Time to
    buy or sell??? Haven't decided yet...

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    • As I said long-term I think it is very good. One
      other thing that I forgot to mention in my last post is
      that a secondary also shows that the management of the
      company has faith. Just like a stock split shows that a
      company thinks that they can increase shareholder value.
      In regards to your example of $.025 vs. $.04 I
      think, as I said, that short term players typically
      don't like the reduction of EPS. But, I actually love
      it because it encourages people who are longterm
      investors to buy and hold. But who knows for sure? In this
      wacky world where AMZN can increase revenues by 155%
      and decrease earnings by 585% and still be valued
      over a company that makes money maybe we will end up
      soaring to extraordinary heights. (An interesting note:
      if AMZN's numbers actually turn out to be what
      they're saying it means that for every 100% increase in
      revenue there is a 400% increase in losses per share. Or
      every time they double their intake they quadruple
      their losses. At this rate they'll put themselves out
      of business in no time! LOL!) But RDWR will never
      have to worry about being in that position! BUY, HOLD,
      GET RICH!

    • <EOM>

    • Please don't make it too hard on my son...
      already had to ate his dick and soon he'll have to sell
      his balls to get out of his short-position. He's
      having a hard time. So have mercy... believe in RDWR and
      you'll go to heaven.

    • you better not CRY, I 'm telling you why, RDWR will explose to upside shortly and
      you will be sorry!

      Time, not on your side. Enjoy the ride up!

    • just like you dickless buddy

      Hmmmmm, did I
      read somewhere that the radwarebearbear is a dickless
      loser? I think so.

      Who gives a shit what you

      I am fully comfortable with a secondary offering,
      as are the other longs here.

      Give us the
      "facts" if you know something.

      Oh, don't bother,
      cause I know you have none.

      What's so funny
      about a secondary offering? it happens all the time,

      The only thing you ever decide on is that when rdwr
      falls a couple points you come back with you bullshit,
      lying posts.

      Get a life , loser

    • The market expected only 4.1M$

      The market
      were expecting only 4.1M$
      RDWR said that they will
      make more than 4.9M$

      gave a 20% good surprise.

      This money
      machine said she will make more than 4.9M$. We all know
      that cos. in this sector are very careful with
      figures, trying to give a pessimistic figure and later on
      surprise the market with a better than

      RDWR will make more than 4.9M$. The all year sales of
      1998 were 4.9M$. So RDWR will make in the 4 Q 1999
      more than all year 1998.
      Do you start to
      understand what's going on here?. This co. more than triple
      revenues YOY. Much better than other cos. in the NASDAQ
      like AMZN, ORCT etc (other cos. don't even get close
      to RDWR revenue growth).

      First time
      RDWR will make profits. No one expected RDWR to start
      making it already now. But this sector is so hot! The
      demand for new servers is booming and will only

      The 1 Q 2000 should be much much better than 4 Q
      1999. From now on we will start to feel the growing
      marketing efforts of RDWR. The sale force that RDWR
      aggressively bulked up will start giving results in current

      RDWR is going for an IPO while she has plenty of cash.
      ( There are talks about RDWR buying a co. in order
      to reinforce leadership.

      WOW!. Use the profit
      taking to buy RDWR at a funny low price.

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