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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Jan 24, 2000 5:54 PM Flag

    My Radware Manifesto Part II 2

    My Radware Manifesto Part II
    by: kdp2561
    12/2/99 1:16 am
    Msg: 3756 of 4875
    These two
    philosophies have both worked in the past. For instance, Dell
    is the best example of the direct marketing
    technique probably in the history of business. Michael Dell
    realized that people knew what they wanted in a computer
    they just needed someone to give them what they wanted
    quickly and efficiently. This is what FFIV is trying to
    do. They are going directly to the

    The other philosophy of establishing
    relationships/partnerships and using them to get your product mass
    acceptance was used by Microsoft, arguably the best company
    in the history of the world. Bill Gates realized
    that by licensing MSWindows to every clone computer
    maker and their uncle he could gain market share in one
    fell swoop. This method was what Apple lacked. Apple
    had better products, they were more powerful, and
    they had a very, very devoted following. But, Apple
    never established the relationships necessary to gain
    mass market acceptance. It didn�t matter if people at
    company A and company B used Apples, because they weren�t
    talking to one another. But when they went to a computer
    store and they saw the myriad of companies using
    Windows they took notice. This is RDWR�s strategy. They
    are gaining market through established

    Here�s what I think this all means. FFIV will continue
    increasing sales at a breakneck pace and will be heralded as
    the leader in the industry for the next 1-2 years.
    They will be used by dotcoms that have more people
    devoted to infrastructure and know specifically what they
    want from FFIV. RDWR will continue to establish
    relationships/partnerships with large infrastructure development companies.
    In the next 1-2 years these partnerships will gain
    critical mass and earnings will begin to increase at a
    faster rate than even FFIV�s(my time scale may be off as
    things are constantly happening faster these days).
    RDWR�s products will be used by people who don�t even
    know they are there. I think larger more successful
    dotcoms will turn to the traditional industry leaders
    (Cisco, IBM, Lucent, etc.) for help in infrastructure
    management as they find that they can increase margins by
    having outside people deal with portions of their
    business that they are not experts in (sounds like RDWR,
    huh? Avoiding sales and concentrating on

    This bodes ill for FFIV unless they can do what Dell
    did. They have to make purchasing a server so easy
    that any guy off the street can go and do it. If they
    can do that they MAY survive long term, but the
    server industry would become much like the PC industry
    where it�s like you�re buying a BigMac. Unfortunately,
    for FFIV I don�t think this will happen. I am sure
    they will survive for some time as there will be room
    for many in the market, but they won�t be the

    At this point is when the battle will really start.
    When a clear winner emerges from the battle between
    RDWR and FFIV they will be up against CSCO. What will
    happen here is something I won�t even venture a guess

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