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  • meravhon meravhon Apr 25, 2000 12:39 PM Flag

    Earnings Announced on May 4

    Even you have started your message by stating
    that I'm being rather unrealistic, I found myself more
    confident after reading your own estimates.
    Based on so
    many Company's releases, we both agree that new
    revenue growth record is expected. It might be 'only'
    $7.0M but $7.5M in revenues might be realistic
    too.(Talking on low-scale numbers, an increase by 50% is also
    realistic. See also growth rates of FFIV, selling in the
    same market)
    Now ,let's try to estimate earning by
    comparing to last Quartar:
    Q4 Q1
    Sales 5.0
    Gross Profit 4.2 5.7
    Total operating expenses 4.4
    Operating income -0.2 0.4
    Financial income 0.7
    Net income 0.5 1.4
    Diluted EPS $.03 .08

    know nothing on their financial income, but having
    almost $130M in cash sould bring at least 1% in interest

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    • I am from Isreal and have friends that
      work at
      Radware. They are all top notch
      people and are very
      positive about radware's
      future. They are not selling
      their shares
      and are in fact recommending to all
      friends (including me) to buy.

      I took their advice
      and have been buying
      shares over the last two
      weeks. I don't
      plan to buy more but will sit on
      couple thousand shares I own and check
      back in a year
      or two when I expect the
      stock price to be well
      over $100 a share.

      Good luck to longs.

    • I'm not sure I agree with your estimate of
      Operating income(losses actually increased from 98 Q4 to 99
      Q4) but it's not out of the question. You are right
      about $7.0 being conservative. Revenue growth rate
      between 2Q 99 and 3Q 99 was 29%. Revenue growth rate
      between 3Q 99 and 4Q 99 was 39%. If the revenue growth
      rate continued in a linear fashion it could
      conceivably be 49% between 4Q 99 and 1Q 00. This would mean
      revenue of $7.5M as you stated. The question is how much
      of that becomes earnings. If it is 0.08 as you
      estimate we will crush not only this Q's expectations but
      also the whole year. Estimates only call for 0.11 EPS
      this entire year. 0.08 this Q could make analysts
      triple their estimates. Wow! Now you've got me eager!

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