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  • theradwarebear theradwarebear May 16, 2000 7:19 PM Flag

    Giltfparsinvest-nice written

    because they are a take over target. you people are just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • trend during the lockup expiration. I got killed
      when I held FFIV during the lockup expiration. Anyway
      IPO has to go through this frustration. A good stock
      will recover from the lockup expiration while a bad
      will never recover.

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      • Look like RDWR is on a major down trend during the lockup expiration. What does this mean? Does it mean it is going to go down even more? If so we are out of luck. Best wishes.

      • --SUMMARY:--RADWARE, Ltd.--Server & Enterprise
        Hardware * The recently proposed $6B Cisco (CSCO-$60-1M)
        acquisition of Arrowpoint (ARPT) appears to us to be more
        targeted at Foundry(FDRY) and Alteon(ATON) than at F5 or
        Radware. * Foundry and Alteon are more noted for routers
        and switches, rather than load balancing
        capabilities. However, both have a load balancing package as
        part of their router and switch offering. *
        Importantly, Cisco's switching division is doing the ARPT
        acq., not the Local Director Division which produces
        the load balancing product. So, while the Cisco
        offering is now stronger, it has removed a focused
        competitor and may create customer confusion for its own
        products. * We are maintaining our 2000 and 2001 EPS
        estimates of $0.20 and $0.40, respectively and reiterate
        our Buy rating and $55 target. --EARNINGS PER
        SHARE-------------------------------------------------------- FYE 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Qtr Year Actual 12/99 EPS
        $(0.02)A $0.00A $(0.01)A $0.03A $0.02A Previous 12/00 EPS
        $0.05A $0.05E $0.04E $0.06E $0.20E Current 12/00 EPS
        $0.05A $0.05E $0.04E $0.06E $0.20E Previous 12/01 EPS
        $0.07E $0.09E $0.10E $0.14E $0.40E Current 12/01 EPS
        $0.07E $0.09E $0.10E $0.14E $0.40E Previous 12/02 EPS
        $N/A $N/A $N/A $N/A $N/A Current 12/02 EPS $N/A $N/A
        $N/A $N/A $N/A Footnotes:
        --FUNDAMENTALS-------------------------------------------------------------- Current Rank........:1S Prior:No Change Price
        (05/15/00)....:$21.62 P/E Ratio 12/00.....:108.1x Target Price..:$55.00
        Prior:No Change P/E Ratio 12/01.....:54.0x Proj.5yr EPS
        Grth...:50.0% Return on Eqty 99...:N/A% Book
        Value/Shr(00)..:7.55 LT Debt-to-Capital(a)0% Dividend............:$N/A
        Revenue (00)........:30612.00thous
        Yield...............:N/A% Shares Outstanding..:17.0mil
        Convertible.........:No Mkt. Capitalization.:367.5mil Hedge
        Clause(s).....:# Comments............:(a) Data as of the most
        recently reported quarter. Comments............:

    • SPENDING ALOT OF TIME SHOUTING and talking your

      If you're that good relax, you don't need
      to shout so loud about it. Go and find someone that
      wants to hear how good you are. I for one don't care
      about your position.

      So get your hand off it and
      stop rubbing peoples nose in the market... any one
      would think you never ever held a stock that went down,
      or a you just perfect?

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