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  • Laolaozhong Laolaozhong May 17, 2000 2:26 AM Flag

    Radware $140M in cash after SPO

    Cash $8.2 per share.
    That Greenspan raised
    interest rate by 0.5 gives RDWR an extra 4 cents profit.

    Last quarter EPS is 0.0 cent.
    Barrons is so brave
    to short RDWR. Shorts will be burned soon.

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    • it's working out exactly as planned...i don't claim to be the best trader on the planet, but i have made a few dollars on rdwr!

    • he is a radwarebull now.

    • I agree with you that rdwr still has a bright
      future. In the short term, i think the most important
      development is the coming joint venture with CMVT that you
      have mentioned a few weeks ago. judging from the past,
      CMVT+RDWR should worth alot of $$$$$.
      in the longer term
      - or maybe shoter than we think - i guess that RDWR
      is going to be sold to one of the giants,for A LOT
      of cash. you see, CSCO is a classic "gorila", and
      you just cant fight IT by your own.
      but what
      Barrons didnt understood - or may be they did VERY WELL -
      is that when it will be sold, RDWR is going to
      rocket. its a well known trick: when you know of a coming
      merger(from insiders), advise everybodt to short, lower the
      price of the share and then buy evereything you can
      get. did you notice that barrons talked only of rdwr
      and not its competitors? call me a paranoid but i am
      staying long

    • RADWARE Chosen to Provide Integral Technology
      Solution For Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

      This was one of the biggest success's any company has
      had with a Web cast. And guess who's load balancing
      product was used to handle all the Net traffic, You GOT
      IT. Our Very own RDWR.
      Look for more news to

      So you better get in now while the getting is good.

    • 05/17 06:23

      SANTA CLARA, Calif. and
      MAHWAH, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 17,

      RocketLinks Leverages SiteSmith/RADWARE Partnership for
      Time-to-Market Advantages

      SiteSmith(SM) Inc., a leading
      Internet site operations company, announced today a
      partnership with RADWARE (Nasdaq: RDWR), a leading provider
      Internet Traffic Management (ITM) solutions.

      As a result of the partnership, RocketLinks, a
      new search engine that matches Web users with
      targeted information, benefits from SiteSmith's

      continuous site operations management and RADWARE's
      best-of-breed load balancing solution.

      The partnership
      allows SiteSmith to resell RADWARE's award-winning ITM
      solutions to its customers and provide implementation,
      configuration and
      ongoing management of the solution at its
      customers' sites. As part of the agreement, RADWARE will
      provide ongoing technical training and support of

      SiteSmith's certified technicians to ensure its customers
      24x7 high availability to information servers,
      firewalls and cache servers.

      "The partnership with
      RADWARE demonstrates our ability to provide our customers
      with the technical knowledge base required to select
      vendors for their business-critical Web sites,"
      said Marv Tseu, CEO of SiteSmith. "Downtime and
      lagging Web site performance contributes to billions
      dollars in lost revenue each year. With our
      expertise in selecting the exact solution for each
      customer's requirements, such as RADWARE's, we can

      ensure that our customers' Web sites continue

      SiteSmith's partnership with RADWARE is
      a natural progression as an increasing number of
      companies outsource mission-critical Web sites to

      professionals who specialize in managing Internet sites for
      optimum performance. E-businesses that outsource Web site
      management are benefiting
      from time-to-market
      advantages, total cost savings, reduced recruiting efforts
      and guaranteed round-the-clock support.

      "SiteSmith's comprehensive site management experience combined
      with our expertise in high-availability performance
      and fault tolerance offer customers
      a new level
      of certainty within the e-business environment,"
      said Doron Meirom, president and CEO of RADWARE Inc.
      "RADWARE is in the business of
      eliminating the
      uncertainties that exist in the e-commerce environment and
      helping customers keep their sites up and running 24x7.
      Partnerships with
      innovators in the site management arena
      such as SiteSmith extend the benefit of our products
      to SiteSmith's rapidly expanding customer base."

      One SiteSmith/RADWARE customer that has already
      benefited from the partnership is, which
      uses SiteSmith to manage the ongoing
      operations of
      its Web site, and multiple units of RADWARE's Web
      Server Director for Network Proximity (WSD-NP) to
      provide high availability,
      optimization and fault
      tolerance. The result is unparalleled Web site performance
      using the most reliable, scalable and secure Internet
      technology available.

      "With SiteSmith
      and RADWARE having an existing relationship we
      dramatically cut our integration time and costs, while
      improving our time-to-market
      advantage and staying on
      the cutting edge of Internet technology," said Ed
      Murphy, VP of operations at RocketLinks, Inc. "SiteSmith
      has invaluable
      technical expertise that enables
      us to concentrate on our core business of providing
      new and innovative Web traffic solutions to

    • At the time I mistakenly posted, RDWR had traded
      only about 700 shares. I misread a streamer line and
      sincerely regret any worry that I caused.

      To answer
      question, I assumed a sell because down 3/4. Again,

    • it's almost 10:00. Market is tanking and RDWR is down incrementally. This bodes well if the market turns around at all or even levels out. Of course that's a big if the way things are going.

    • <EOM>

    • sorry! Misread a streamer! Just nervous, that's all

    • Who is selling? This matters. If an institution has decided to lose its position, that's one thing. If it is insider selling, it is another.

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