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  • frigablah frigablah May 24, 2000 8:13 AM Flag


    why does 30-40 times since Nov. seem
    Thats 7 months .
    Do the math.
    Let me
    help ya, 35 aver. divided by 7 = 5

    that an
    average of 5 trades per month.
    thats about 1 a

    What do you meen I would have to been short to make $$
    the last few months? Obviously you missed the boat (
    from 18-32 begining of April and 20-32 just before
    earnings) and thats only in the past month

    You have
    NO credibility at all if you believe what your

    I'll admit, since the last run to 30 (on earnings, I
    sold aprox 1200 shares)I have bought @ 20 1/2 19 3/8
    and yesterday @ 16 currently holding 1900 shares
    long, and I expect to be making some $$ very soon on
    these trades

    Once again, I have never been short
    this stock.
    Why do you keep throwing that at

    Obviously this bothers you, Why?

    are you short?

    Why dont you fess up .

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    • I was told that RDWR is not for sale in current
      prices. There is high probability that Q2 results will
      surprise analysts. Sure it will push prices much higher.
      Naturally Company prefers to negotiate any potential buyer
      when the market value will be more than $500M. Lucent,
      already familiar with RDWR products might be interesting
      to acquire RDWR. If RDWR agree io receive LU shares
      as payment, acquisition might be in a value of more
      than $1B.

    • RDWR

    • however I don't wanna miss that "some price
      movement" segment. I have found that the market will
      sometimes have a short violent move when sentiment starts
      to change then resume it's direction slowly. I can
      buy a helluva lot more shares at $15 than at $25
      before the thing goes to $45+ over time. Of course I'd
      be taking on more risk but my return would be

      I just don't see the downside here, maybe
      $13 at it's worst? I'll take the risk now at $15 for
      a downside of 2 vs. upside of 30 or more, besides,
      I'm ready to buy more on any further weakness -- all

    • dumb, a dumb ass or even a dumb ass bearbitch, but my portfolio is not in the red like yours for holding rdwr as an investment...

    • like i said before in previous post, i would not
      be a buyer until the market shows it has changed
      trends. You may miss some price movemovent, but you won't
      get taken' to the cleaners either. :)) it should be
      taken into consideration that earnings are only one
      month away and that should provide some type of

    • things about rdwr. also, you should remember that
      rdwr still have 3 "buy" rec. i think there must be a
      merger in the horizon. rdwr need some very strong
      fire-power against csco's efficient marketing machine in the
      international market. and there are giants hungry for its

    • like i was saying before, as a trader or investor
      one always thinks they no better than what the market
      is telling them. If you can seperate yourself from a
      position, one will be a lot better off to make some bucks.
      Further more, i didn't just short from 70 and hold my
      position and think about covering at 15. I was in and out
      on positions on rdwr many times. That way i'm able
      to capitalize on market volitility and that's means
      $$$. I have a system and stick to it no matter who or
      what anyone says. My latest short position on rdwr was
      near 32 the day after earnings. Being a trader, i have
      to take into account risk and reward on my position.

    • when it comes to RDWR. I fully concur also, the
      risk/reward is more in favor of the upside rather than the

      Hey, if someone shorted at $70, they
      kinda went against the tide also at that time, didn't

    • with reasonable (not large) investments in these
      names. This negative momentum will ease soon imo since
      shorts have to be looking over their shoulders at these
      depressed levels, wondering when the tide will start to
      turn. Bargain hunters have got to be licking their
      chops by now. I'm willing to begin to take a swipe now
      and then monitor for which direction we are headed
      from here. I'm not that naive to think this market
      will rocket up immediately, however it wouldn't take
      as much of a gain to produce 50 - 100% returns in a
      fairly short time period (and these stock would still be
      tons under their 3 month highs).

      I do have the
      most confidence in RDWR out of all the ones I have
      mentioned - thus my biggest holding out of this smaller
      market cap bunch.

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