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  • kdp2561 kdp2561 Jul 31, 2000 6:04 PM Flag

    RDWR IS making money!

    anyone who tells you that operating profit is the
    only thing that matters is delusional. MSFT makes much
    of its money through investment. That doesn't mean
    that it should be disregarded. Investment earnings
    MUST be included in the estimation a comany's worth in
    order to make a clear apples to apples comparison
    between other companies.

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    • extrapolation was half to half, not quarters. If
      you perceive negativity in my post it probably
      relates as much to my view of the market rather than any
      intrinsic weakness in RDWR. One of my information providers
      is recommending to sell or hold stocks, particularly
      the more speculative startups, as they indicate a
      30-50% fall. I have also sold RVSN and half my JCDA,
      although Israeli tech stocks are among my most


    • It is a useful exercise to take out both interest
      and cash before calculating earnings. What is left
      shows you whether the company has a workable business
      model, and what kind of returns can be projected. If you
      want to make 7% pa you can put the money in your own


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      • to continue at the same rate as before, the
        corresponding figures for the same six months next year will be
        approx $40.8m sales, $34.4m margin. (I do like the GM).
        If you then project the same growth in expenses as
        before, you get $39.8m. This is a trading loss of $5.4m
        vs interest earned of about $2.5m, giving you a
        bottom line loss of $2.9m.

        I sold today at $32.
        I like RDWR and hold a number of Israeli High tech
        stocks. Currently however, I think there will be a "sell
        on the news", and taken together with a likely ugly
        patch on the Nasdaq, its my opinion that I'll be able
        to buy back in much lower in the next 2 weeks. Just
        my opinion. I'm not a short or a knocker, but I
        would like to get back in under my Jul 27 buy at $27,
        and if the market tanks, which I think is very
        likely, under my initial entry of $21.


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