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  • nsa_ear nsa_ear Oct 27, 2000 1:17 PM Flag

    FFIV just published great

    3rd qtr report - almost 30% incr in sales - which
    show that rdwr's market segment is still booming. that
    1.when rdwr's publish its own report - probably in the
    middle of next week - there is no reason why it
    shouldn't also show such figures. and if the market will be
    positve we can expect it to go back to the 30ies
    2. no
    big telecom giant can ignore such a growing segment.
    the only 2 major indy candidates left are f5 and
    rdwr. and as of today, rdwr's products are way ahead of
    the competition.

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    • In my view your estimate of $.60 cents is fairly
      conservative. In order to earn 60 cents that is an average of
      15 cents a quarter.

      I believe that they
      should achieve the 15 cents already in Q1 of 2001. If
      they continue to grow in Revenues and Earnings during
      the year 2001 the 60 cents will be

      But then again, if you are discussing the analysts
      estimates, then your $.60 is probably close to what they
      will do. They are even more conservative than I am.
      And I am pretty conservative.

      All of these
      estimates are assuming that they do not use the cash in the
      bank for any acquisition or some other purpose as
      these EPS assume the financial income which they are
      generating today. But if they do something dramatic with the
      money, than it is a different ballgame anyway...

    • Merrill revised their PE overnight. PE was showing i think 161 it shows as 91 PE. They also revised earnings this year from 14 to 28 cents.

    • All pieces of information lead us to an estimate that sales of RDWR will increase in Q3 by more than 30%. Let's wait to $11M in revenues and maybe even more.

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      • MERAVHON, its good to hear from you. this board
        became a very hostile place in the last few months.

        yes, a 30% to 33% increase for shure. people keep
        forgeting that this company still sits on a very big pile
        of $$ in cash, and it is in the middle of a booming
        market. also, judging from the zisapel's past actions in
        other companies, rdwr is near the stage of maturing,
        i.e we can expect some m&a in the next 12-18 M.

      • I agree with your numbers. But I would like to
        add the following:

        SSB states: "we expect a
        strong 3Q" they continue to say that they expect RDWR to
        exceed the estimates.

        My analysis of this
        information is as follows;

        Assuming a 30% increase in
        sales means $11M. this translates to a $2.5M sales
        increase which translates to additional profit margin of
        $2.1M (based on 84% cost of goods sold).

        $2.1 million less assumption of increased expenses of
        $1.575M (last Q increased by $1.5M) means additional net
        income of $525K which will mean very close to break even
        in operating income and an additional 3 cents EPS
        over the prior quarter($525K/17,000,000), or EPS of 10
        cents for the quarter.

        Let me know what you


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