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  • morivox morivox Apr 23, 2001 12:58 PM Flag

    Re: Down 1.75 in two days on No news

    Sorry that I have to adresse directly to you,
    but you are one of the only ones left, I remember seeing on this message board (and kdp2561).
    I bought RDWR @ 50 �, that was about the same
    in $ (I'm from Germany).
    There was a time, when there were people talking about 100 $, then 50 $, then 10 $ and
    finally 0 $ ?

    What makes you so happy about "buy, hold, get rich"?
    Sorry, but I nearly got no hope left.
    But I already keep to RDWR since more than 1 year and I bought even more.
    The conflict in Israel isn't calming down and probably will go on for quite a few years?
    Will anyone recognize RDWR?
    I never heard anything in Germany stock-newspapers?

    Perhaps you can give me back some hope,
    because I "bought", I "hold" and now I ....
    Thank you, M.H., Germany

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    • I'm sorry to hear that your average is so high, but if you don't need the money for the next 5 years my opinion is you shouldn't sell. Remember RDWR has NOT warned this Q or any other. There are almost no tech companies who have met expectations but RDWR has so far.

      Think about it this way. RDWR is expected to increase earnings at an average of 55% per year over the next 5 years.

      Last year=0.34 EPS
      2001 =0.34*1.55=0.53
      2002 =0.53*1.55=0.82
      2003 =0.82*1.55=1.27
      2004 =1.27*1.55=1.96
      2005 =1.96*1.55=3.04

      Now lets say that it trades at a PE of 30(this is conservative the current PE=40).

      2001 =0.53*30=15.9
      2002 =0.82*30=24.6
      2003 =1.27*30=38.1
      2004 =1.96*30=58.8
      2005 =3.04*30=91.2

      If you are confident in the company long term then you should be buying more now so that you can profit earlier. I have moved my average buyin price from 32 to 25 by "averaging down". But this is a matter of personal opinion and situation.

      Another convincing list of facts is found below in a post I made about a month and a half ago.

      If you are still not convinced or if you can't sleep at night because of this investment then you should sell. No investment is worth losing sleep over.

      Good Luck.

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