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  • Draftcard Draftcard May 8, 1998 11:40 PM Flag

    What is the CEO's Main Responsibility

    The TSA deal is a bad deal for Woolworth. They
    have been shedding divisions that have been losing he's buying them...
    in a mall they will have
    Lady Foot, Men's Foot, Kid's Foot.
    Champ's, Kinney
    and now TSA selling basically the same items in one
    form or another. I heard Jack had to sell because the
    next two quarters spelled diaster... Kmart spun this
    off... no money .... it was a mess and under Jack's
    leadership it became a bigger mess.The person bought in from
    Staples told him to head for the exit in a hurry
    ...that's why it happened so fast otherwise... Jack has too
    big of an ego and thought he could save it.
    you actually think they are going to continue to let
    Jack run the company he's history within a few
    months... his ego is as big as Farah and Hilpert's ( Mr 3
    dollar shoes). This buyout was
    a major sell signal of
    Z stock, Dumb Dumb & Dumber