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  • rainman1002 Jun 25, 2013 7:40 PM Flag

    im in....

    today i got 1000 shares at 1.18,,,,if i see the pps increase on Wed, i will add another 2000,looking to get out at 1.27 unless its obvious it will cross that mark then ill be looking to exit at 1.34 which is the upper trend line of what looks to be around 1.35, good luck to you all........

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    • I have attempted to paste an article from Macro Business about Japan's restart and inspection prior to the restart, It just deletes them on this board only, Google macro business to read Japan restart of 14 reactors,

    • What I don't get is - a month ago the company sold 11.5 million shares at $1.30 CDN ($1.29 USD). So while the large investors happily bought in large quantities at $1.29, why is the market pushing the SP below $1.20???

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      • Imho the sp manipulation had begun with run ups & then shorting it back down.imho the last private offering was to reward the large Corp investors which were as you say did so happilly at 1.30. Because Imho folks no a buyout is coming in time. Next thing is the sec filing on 6/27/13 of a rule 506 d..which Imho is market sp stock options for whoever they want to have them without regeristing them. Imho that means insiders can buy unlimited amounts of stock at the conveniently low sp without letting the market know who or howmuch stock they bought. Again this is just my opinion that the lower sp private placement & rule 506d filing is just to allow folks to load up on cheap shares for an eventual buyout. Time will tell
        And just remember that when your sitting at a poker table & you cant figure out who the sucker is ..its you

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      • Markets get pushed around. The fact the some big boys bought in at $1.30 doesn’t put a floor in the share price. Until Uranium prices rebound, we probably won’t see much upside in Denison.

        I think we are at the “It’s always darkest before the dawn” moment. The HEU program will end. Japan will restart reactors. Neither of these events has happened yet. The big question is how much excess Uranium from the Japanese shutdown is stuck in the system and how long will it take to work its way through system.

        I may be wrong, but I believe we are in the early moments of a turnaround. Cameco is best in breed of the Uranium miners, institutional money will flow into it first. Uranium Prices are lower now than they were before the 2008 crash. The Q1 report was terrible. We just had a market correction. By all rights CCJ should be near its 52 week low of $16.41, yet Friday it closed at $20.66, $4.25 (26%) above the low.

        Keep in mind, before Fukushima, the spot price was up to $72. At that time, the HEU program still had 2 years left. Once the excess supply is worked off, it is off to the races.

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