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  • This stock has great earnings - a stellar forecast - huge potential with helix and trading up 25% in afterhours and the message board is dead ... I love a stock that noone is paying attention to!!!

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    • "Re-entered"?

      More like doubled down.

      You might play others for fools but you can't lie to me Creep.

      Good Luck!


    • Pollyanna wishes Darth Vader good fortune as well.

      I do worry about risk, mostly execution risk on the part of management, but I worry about that w/all my companies in which I invest.

      I console myself in this case w/the unique, proprietary niche occupied by Helix, the early stages of an upward sloping domestic (gradual) automobile cycle, the early stages of an upward sloping emerging markets (faster) automobile cycle and the likelihood that most new middle class entrants will want to trade-in their bicycle for a car. I like the booking rate, the backlog growth, the nearly 3% expansion in gross margin that came w/a return to profitability (even if just for this quarter near term), the share repurchase program underpinning the share price and likely to increase long term EPS growth, and the debt-free balance sheet. So I too am concerned about risk, I just think a lot has to go wrong (a re-newed recession in short) to upset the apple cart.

    • I see a major difference in our investment philosophies. As a long, I worry about things that *can* go wrong while your type only concerns themselves with dreams about what *might* go right. I hope you don't learn many harsh lessons from that style and I wish you well.

      "Don't mistake a bull market for brains."

    • BTW, I do not care much about "most investor classes" as i bet the end game in this stock will more likely be determined by another type of party.

    • I'll take a good management team that focuses on the potential home run swings like Helix and simply keeps their heads down and eyes on the ball of doing business--rather than managing quarterly earnings. I do hope you make a ton of money on this regardless of how the winnings are rationalized so as to massage one's ego. All I care about is the bottom line return, not being right or wrong on how i get there. Good luck, and remember experience and age doesn't necessarily correlate w/expertise or stock picking ability. I know a lot of rich young people that have invested wisely, and more than a few graybeards that lost most of it between the tech bust in 2000-2001 and the financial collapse in late 2008.

    • Sweet indeed! My major concern now is the company's history of uneven quarters. Comparisons look very favorable going forward and they'll need to stay positive to keep the stock on a meaningful upward path from here. More after the CC.

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      • they are already telegraphing a lower sequential second half of fiscal 2011 (upcoming March and June 2011 quarters) for the IBU division revenues relative to the first half of fiscal 2011 (the just-ended December and earlier September 2010 quarters).

        Don't lose the forest for the trees unless you are a daytrader---Helix, the early-stage domestic auto cycle, the burgeoning Chinese and Asian markets. There is a reason, even as a relatively small company, that they have a presence in China, India, Brazil. Plus Japan is going to really like Helix.

    • How high you think it will go tomorrow

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