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  • greendog03 greendog03 Jan 28, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    What's the problem here

    Stock selling barely over book value. 3 dollars in cash, no debt, and people seem to think like this is some stock selling in the stratosphere. It would be nice if they started paying a dividend. Looks like a buying opportunity for those with a little patient - hard to believe that the party is over since the average volume was only 12 thousand shares a few weeks ago. A good shake out is probably a good thing. also, the value mutual funds are here as well

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    • My guess is the hype over Helix far exceeds what its going to mean to the bottom line for the next 2-3 years.

      If thats the case and the market comes to that realization, I wouldnt be surprised to see the shares return to the $5.00-5.50 range.

      I only sold 25% so I hope it keeps going higher.

      The bottom line is at $9 the stock is riskier than it was at $5.50.

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      • Your last sentence goes without saying.....that's rather obvious.

        So, you think the low 5s was rational for a solidly profitable company with the metrics greendog mentioned? Don't you think this audience that has "happened" upon the stock will bring "some" rationality to preclude the same former "mispricing" after the daytrader element moves on? Anything is possible, but prcp trading again well below tangible book with the balance sheet this company has is absurd. Also, I'm looking for a good report coming in a couple of weeks.

        The naysayers ironically want to explain the runnup as a 3d matter. Today, they love the article that says that prcp is not a 3d least not in the "printing" sense and not even 3d in a scanning sense to any degree. They want you to believe the price drop today is explained by the correction pointed out in the article toward prcp. Yet, they don't acknowledge that prcp is falling today in step with SSYS and DDD. So, this momentum crowd is playing it both ways....and they are playing it as a 3d company.....the naysayers are playing it as a 3d company too.

        Again, regardless of the misplaced emphasis on 3d, can't you see that this company is simply mispriced severely in the 5s? Could it go back? Sure. Will it? I doubt it because microcap traders are aware of it now. As to Helix, that's just an additional attraction down the road. The company is working with an industry in recovery.....that's the biggest driver to look at, IMO. That's what I'm looking at ahead.

    • Great points....IMO, the party is far from over. PRCP has a great outlook given the recovery of the auto industry and the huge market share the company commands. The stock was stuck in the 5s. Today's price is a heck of a lot better. The attention brought by this new-found crowd got PRCP going. So, there would have been nothing gained without this crowd. Now, your points come to the forefront. Does this company deserve the attention or not?? The only correct answer has to go to the company's underlying equity value. IMO, the answer is a resounding "YES!"

      Many daytraders may leave, but the company is strong and its future looks bright.....the company is here to stay. Whether called a party or whatever, my view is that the volatility is just starting and that we are headed much higher in the weeks to come.

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