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  • kenbg2005 kenbg2005 Mar 11, 2014 11:56 PM Flag

    COO Selling

    If you would have blindly bought all the shares the COO Mark Hoefing sold, directly from him, at the prices he sold them at, beginning June 1st 2012 according to Yahoos Insider Selling page, held them and then sold them beginning Jan.10th to Jan. 23rd 2014 you would have made $186,167.00 PROFIT!
    About a 92% return on investment. I would say based on these calculations and with the COO Mark Hoefings' current selling factored in the next 18 months price appreciation could be quite good.

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    • Well, i guess this tells you that even at the prices the coo sold at he thought the stock was overvalued. So maybe this liquidity driven bull market can do the same thing on the down side. Most speculative stocks are so overvalued after a five year run where fear has disappeared but my guess some where in the future the fear will be back and stocks will get very cheap again..

    • You cherry-picked the top tick on the stock in the $18s. If you want to do that, one could also say the stock nearly quadrupled from mid-June 2012 from under $5 per share to early January 2014 along w/all the other stocks in the 3D space (printing, biologics, manufacturing, measuring and instrumentation). In which case you could also say either the days of muti-baggers are already behind them, the easy money has already been made, bulls make money bears make money pigs get slaughtered , 3D was the fad/story for 2012 and 2013, dutch tulips, don't grow forever, or whatever aphorism you choose. I still don't see Helix contributing to a blockbuster profitable quarter yet. I don't know the margins there or how much existing business it will cannibalize or if customers will hold back new orders for the existing products pending outcome/delivery of Helix (as is sometimes the case with any new software/product upgrade). In short, the technology may be revolutionary but the earnings progression more evolutionary. If they don't hit strong revenues in fiscal 3Q, they will really have to run to match fiscal 2013 levels (like they forecast on the last CC) given the strong revenues in 4Q of 2013 of nearly $21 million, and the punk revenues so far in fiscal 2014 to date.

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