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  • jcoftothemoon jcoftothemoon Nov 8, 2011 11:26 AM Flag

    JCOF- once audit is complete moving up to BIG board.

    for sure then the real investors come in and we fly high to the moon.

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    • Leno, I fell prey to the HYPE along with everybody else. I bought into it hook, line, and sinker. I sincerely believed in the JAVALUTION name and, more importantly, the JAVAFIT brand. However, that was THEN and THIS is NOW....and a whole lot has changed since that fateful day when Javalution announced their merge with Youngevity on the backs of shareholders and the R/S split sent the stock price (along with our morale) plunging and it has NEVER recovered. Regardless, I continued to buy into the hype, believing if nothing else in the enthusiasm exhibited from the management during the Q2 results conference call pumping us up to just hold on because Q3 was going to be "record breaking" blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-freaking BLAH! If you listen to the Q3 results CC, and compare it to the Q2 results CC, there is a marked lack of enthusiasm from those conducting the calls than we got during the Q2 CC. Even the principles appeared to not be able to believe their own HYPE anymore. That all said, my intention is to neither pump or bash here, but rather to just tell it how I see it. I'm not seeing a single positive sign here, and I don't care how anyone else here wants to spin the results. The facts speak for themselves, and the numbers do not lie. Volume is pathetic...The stock price can't make any solid gains to save it's soul...Even the HYPE coming from management is less focused on Q4 and more focused on dangling the proverbial carrot on a stick to get us to hold on to "mid-2012". I'm NOT an idiot. I did not just fall off the turnip truck. I know when things start to not add up. I'd bet that someone is making some solid profits off of JCOF --- and it is NOT the shareholders.

    • Feeling the way i do?I think alot of shareholders feel like i do i want answers not b.s. I would love to sell this as soon i can break even if that ever happens!If you bought before the r/s and listened to all the calls you would wonder whats up with the b.s. Tell me about Aldis and what Burlington stores they are in and what ever happened to the Ross stores?

    • Trust me many of us hope for that!

      you know ONTIME i have to wonder what your old ID was? Most times people on here can tell but you are being good keeping that unknown but "INTIME" we will know who ONTIME was...

    • feeling the way you do, I would say you probably need to sell as soon as you reach breakeven !!!!

    • Well said volley truth is they screwed us on the r/s! and it has been doing nothing but dropping. I also lost tens of thousands of dollars on this. I remember Mr. pumper saying that they wanted to do things right for the best of the shareholders!! I think it was more like screw the shareholders because they are very quite and also i dont get why Aldis was not mentioned very much on the 3rd qtr earnings! according to the 2nd qtr e.r they were saving Aldis for the 3rd qtr blow out? Can anyone give some info on Aldis for us and what stores carry Josies java house? they say burlington stores but what areas.

    • good point volley-In three months we will know with certainty. I remain optimistic

    • Just talked to few people look for some good things to happen! PATIENCES

    • Does the fact that you're going to hell for misleading people, and abusing the system for gain, bother you whatsoever?

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