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  • iamshirazy iamshirazy Apr 15, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    Book Value -0.01

    You all are f**king stupid. I'm not even saying it angrily, you all are. You STILL to this day can't prove anything I say wrong. Know why? Because y'all are stupid as it gets X-D

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    • well I guess you will put your self in that similar category. After last earning call you said it would run into .40's

      you might have SOME smarts,but you have a lot to learn yet.. but there's still time, it's on your side.. at least from how old you say you are..
      Im going to work on my tan here at my beach in newport.. will buy more this week, and looking forward to the fools who will give me their shares for next to nothing.. some just shouldn't be in stocks in the first place. To my fellow longs, dont let these few shake your will. We have a good company,just need some leadership that shows it. Will be BUYING next week!

      GLTA, except the bashing fools..

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      • Actually no, I didn't. I've said over and over that come the release of restricted shares, the run up should start around May, most likely late May. And, I think it may go to .60s. but now that it's at low .20s, I'm guessing .40s. Maybe, if you paid attention, you'd realize dry.sip made usernames of me and was the one who called .40s.

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