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  • jadejet69 jadejet69 Aug 15, 2012 11:57 AM Flag

    Fully audited pink reports impressive exponential topline growth

    The completed audit , ongoing topline exponential growth, newly implemented cost cutting measures and likely uplist by Q4 gives good reason to be bullish over the next year. I don't expect any big run-up in pps any time soon but I am more optimistic longer term.
    Also Canada ranks #2 right now, I think I heard, in sales outside the USA. Big smile here. Our population may be relatively small but we do represent 10% of the global direct sales market. Go Canada go...we are #1 after the USA in sales.

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    • I'm not here to hand anything, I just want to clarify a lot of mis-interpretations for anyone who reads them. JCOF has serious work to do, in the mean time there's plenty of better stocks to trade within a year. Even then, JCOF is still overvalued. It doesn't seem to go below .20 which is good, but it's not worth anywhere near what many here claim it should be at. At least, not yet.

    • That million dollar portfolio that you have? Well I'm the Queen of England masscoach. You have the IQ of a wiltered piece of broccoli and apparently the 'portfolio' of one also.

    • IMS hand you yourass and you run off with your tail tucked with a post like that? Ol' Ivan left you licking your wounds with that one didn't he masscoach? Pathetic!

    • Never said JCOF was a good investment right now...but we'll see...meanwhile this is my only speculative position and I can afford to wait...

    • I have many shares and will be selling any price above .20
      Loss will be huge, but my own fault for believing Pumper
      way back when. This company will never truly be public
      as long as Mr. Wallach owns that many shares. I always
      thought it would be a win-win for all, including Mr. Wallach,
      if he had used some of his shares to buy a good company,
      but I guess he doesn’t see it that way.

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      • Does the D stand for "Duh?"?

        You could have sold your shares for more than .20 at any recent time, why wait till things are looking better? One example, profit margin end of 2011 at 4%, now 10%, 150% increase in 8 months! Sales increasing, and as they increase bargaining power with shippers/suppliers increases, again improving margins. There is a cost to doing business, office machine and property leases/purchases/maintenance, office staff, shipping /receiving, etc.. All these become a smaller percentage obligation as revenues go up. Better times are ahead for all share holders.

        Why in hell would anybody trade their shares for something else and then give it to you, as you seem to think Mr. Wallach should do? How about you swapping your shares for a car, and then giving me the car!

        If you don't understand business, buy mutual funds or ETFs.

        I've bought 10,000 shares since the CC, and if I had the cash I'd buy more! These prices are a gift and I thank those of you who are selling. I am still under water, but feel that things are very much looking up and that in time I'll do very, very well. A real business takes time to grow.

        Plus the products are the best, and I've tried a lot of the others, speak from experience going back to the 70's.

        I have new order of books and CDs coming in any day, if you're interested drop me a line at

        Also have samples of coffee, Beyond Tangy Tangerine and the Rebound products available. As well as brochures, PDFs of course. Any questions about the products or your own health concerns contact me and I'll get back to you soon. (I work erratic schedule).


    • Yeah lets forget about earnings and focus on topline!
      It doesn't matter that it all gets spent, because we have it!!!

    • Lets keep the good qtrs rolling in now....

    • Jade they are following a plan aimed at the larger investment houses of which they have spoken to over 50. Now they have setforth a plan to increase profits which if accomplished will surely have the desired effect. They want this test and will pass it.

    • john.smith275 Aug 15, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

      looking good!

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