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  • thedonaldscoming thedonaldscoming Apr 14, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    Two reasons why Paid Bashers Are Controlling This Board. Just Two.

    One: A Short Position has been established. Help to minimize interest in stock to assist downward movement.

    Two: Accumulation is occurring. Help to minimize interest in stocks to assist in cheap accumulation.

    I think we all know that Reason One is not Plausible for this Pink sheet.

    Suggestion: Once you are finished loading the boat, truck, and wheel barrel with JCOF, borrow some money and load some more.

    Won't be long.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • accumulation is occurring where? your in a dream world. serious investors don't even LOOK at this stock.only buy an sell daytraders mostly.

    • of course they bash to get cheat shares, its obvious, those who cant see this are ignorant of financial greed, they are worst than trash, makes me sick.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Listen, bro, it's people like you that make boards look bad. Instead of talking about the stock, you consistently talk about the "bashers," which means you have your own agenda since you can't talk about the company numbers and facts accurately, if at all. There is no book on bashing 101, and rarely can you find a resource online that accurately describe what professional "bashers" do, let alone one with legitimate sources and not some site made by a 19 year old bored college student amateur trader. Cut your hoopla out. If there was enough conversation about the company, then "bashing" wouldn't be a problem. And promoting is just as bad. Both sides are simply trying to make money, if you actually knew stocks, you'd realize that 99.9% of people CANNOT short stocks under $4. Go ahead and try. Also, did you check the short interest? It's 16k shares, or less than 5 thousand dollars. Your excuse said by shorting is a joke. And, volume hasn't even hit 6 month averages more than a few days in the last few months, so that kills your accumulating theory. Hence, BASHING IS NOT HAPPENING ON THIS BOARD. Case closed. You're just an amateur if you cannot understand facts and numbers about the company that are true, and realize that they look bad.

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