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  • average.joe2 average.joe2 May 20, 2013 5:27 PM Flag

    Nice Company but WEAK STOCK

    Youngevity is a nice company and is growing. Sales are over $75 million and profits are rising BUT they have over 300,000,000 issued shares. As much as I like their products and think they are headed I the right direction - they will have to do huge numbers to make the stock valuable to the share holders.

    You can only go so far on shares bought by distributors who don't understand the P/E ratio or other business metrics. For this company to become a real stock company - it will have to be able to attract buyers outside the distributor base and they will be looking for performance in relationship to the stock price. They will want to see the ability to earn dividends. They will want to see international growth.

    I am a shareholder and fan of the company but I understand we are a long way away from having a valuable stock, Much growth needs to occur.

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    • you seem to think that the markets act rational??? please, government pumping money into markets, hedge funds buying from one another propping up PPS, you are very naive if you think anything is trading on technicals. news flash, nothing matters, PPS can rise no matter what the OS shares are. anything goes!!!

    • Nice silent Bashing!!! stock has doubled since january. It will double from here by end of year. So we'll have 400% gain this yr. Tha'ts not a weak stock. Big things are coming. If you're not happy sell and move on.

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      • Sad when thats called bashing. I guess you cant speak the way you feel on this board
        you just have to make it sound like all is well no matter how you feel about whats going
        on. You are talking about a 400% gain off what highs from the merger or just before?
        Have you seen a 400% gain? I think not if you have been here as long as you say you have.
        Yes the stock is up this year and its nice to see but its on low volume and with the news
        we have had the stock has not been doing well this past week!

      • I am not bashing by saying the obvious. The company has well over 300,000,000 outstanding shares and has sales of $75M a year. It takes a large amount of sales and a great deal of profits to drive the share price up. I am glad the price is moving up and it deserved to move up. We are now at a 85/1 PE ratio which is high compared to the average stock company. Just be honest and agree that we need more sales and a larger profit to merit a higher stock price,

        I am in for the long haul - quit bashing others for saying extremely obvious and true things.

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